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  1. TFL Gets 19 MPG Over 250 Miles With 392 Wrangler

    No one buys them for gas mileage but Jeep buyers purchase wranglers to go offroading and i sure as hell dont want to worry about range if i get 10 MPG. Its Having better mileage means i can get to the trail head without having to carry multiple jerry cans.
  2. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Just put an order for the new new Bronco with the sasquatch package and will likely do a comparison with my JLUR once its received
  3. What exactly is the benefit of the $1,500 V6 upgrade on a Sport S?

    Generally speaking, if you live in higher altitudes or travel there often, the 2.0 may be more beneficial due to force induction on the turbo allowing for more power. In terms of reliability, the 3.6 outshines the 2.0 in that manner as it has been implemented in its most basic iteration since...
  4. Sick and tired of Los Angeles housing market

    Not getting an offer accepted in normally the responsibility of the agent as they didnt do their due diligence to get you that house. CA historically has grown heavily and due to how many large scale businesses we have here. Dont see Southern Californias population dwindle that far as we still...
  5. Stolen 2020 JLUD

    Hey OP, this happened to me albiet due to different circumstances. Make sure you have account of all mods/belongings on your vehicle and are able to verify at least some of them via photos. The police likely will find your jeep, just hope that they find it after your payout. You will want that...
  6. JLUR Stolen: Help track it down!

    The jeep was supposedly sent to COPART auctions as a salvage. The VIN is: 1C4HJXFG3KW678092 in case anyone is able to track down the jeep. Just as a side note to my newer rental jeep, it is doing very well overall and the payments are being made on it as well. Im able to own a JL jeep at this...
  7. What does everybody do for a living?

    Biomedical Engineer Real Estate Agent/Investor Turo/Getaround rental cars If you couldnt tell, trying to retire early!
  8. Cancelled my order

    Why not upgrade to the JL? the 8 speed transimssion is incredibly smooth and ride and handling are significantly better with the JL. Also keep in mind that the platform wont be changed for another 8 years. Jumping on the JL platform may be a worthy idea.
  9. Difference in 850RE Tran $2,750 vs $2,000

    From what Ive heard, FCA is trying to push their 2.0 engine more on consumers and the easiest way is to make it a no cost upgrade and make the overall combo cheaper when paired to the auto transmission. Quite a few of us have stuck with the tried and tested 3.6 with the auto though. If I lived...
  10. Help with Rubicon vs Sahara decision

    Just remember that Youll have to remove your TPMS sensors off the tires on the sahara or reprogram new ones. Supposedly, the change is negligible for tires. The Rubicon has 4:10 gears so itll handle those tires a bit better then the sahara
  11. Help with Rubicon vs Sahara decision

    think about it on the latter end as well. When time comes to sell, Rubicons tend to hold their values better then the saharas. yes you wont have those conveniences of the added items on the sahara but you're getting a significantly more capable vehicle in my opinion. Higher fenders( allows for...
  12. JLUR Stolen: Help track it down!

    So just received a call from AZ detectives that the stolen jeep was found! It was found in Mexico abandoned. No word of the condition but curious to see if they provide information regarding it in the near future. Will keep you all updated if anyone is interested.
  13. Jeep Wrangler 4xe will be name of PHEV Hybrid Electric model. Coming late 2020

    For a good majority of jeep JL owners in Southern California (dont know other region jeep owners very well) JLs are used for household duties and then taken on the weekends to the trailhead. itd be easier to have the Mrs on board with it considering that itd get the similar mileage to the...
  14. Jeep Wrangler 4xe will be name of PHEV Hybrid Electric model. Coming late 2020

    A plug in hybrid is what the JL needs! Think about it... Who doesnt want extended range? Not having to carry as many Jerry cans. With the hybrid, it would make sense for people to only need one vehicle as it can be efficient in town as well. The only concern with this technology or anything...
  15. 2020 2.0 vs 3.6 The update was in 2016 and updated quite a few items such as: two-stage variable valve lift (VVL), a cooled EGR, a new intake manifold, new fuel injectors, and new ignition coils. It also features upgrades to the variable valve timing...
  16. 2020 2.0 vs 3.6

    I believe there was an update to the 3.6 at the 2014-15 models that updated the top of the engine. I have owned both and can definitely say i prefer the 3.6. Long term reliability is better with the 3.6 as well. Most of FCAs vehicles have the 3.6 option meaning there is more part availability...
  17. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    I had reached out to Jeep cares and they had told me that their developers are working on sending an over the air patch for everyone. It was claimed to have been fixed last week. It has been working on mine for a few days now.
  18. Why NOT Lease JLUR?

    Check credit unions and you may be able to get 2.5% interest on your loan. Unsure about your experience with jeeps but like many of us have found out. Once you own one, youll want to modify it. I had bought a JK in 2012 for 30k OTD. I added about 3k worth in mods to it and sold it for 27.5k four...
  19. Rental Rubi Number 2!

    Rental Rubi Number 2!