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  1. Any new 2 Door Soft top option?

    Stock soft top can be flipped back over the driver and driven with the windows in or out.
  2. Has anyone seen Half Doors in real photos / in person?

    The video showing the install, that's now deleted, showed the doors without mirrors and included a section how how to remove them from the full doors and reinstall them on the half.
  3. Has anyone seen Half Doors in real photos / in person?

    What irritates me is that for $2,000 they don't even come with mirrors.
  4. Driving through 2 feet of snow

    Too light, tires too wide, not enough weight in the back, CG too high? Not sure what it is but it's noticably worse than other 4x4 or AWD cars I've driven. It slides a lot on the road and I've gotten stuck in snow that my 4Runner would have laughed at. Maybe the JLU is better or maybe narrower...
  5. First Preview of Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, Including Magneto Wrangler EV Concept

    By the time Jeeps gets the wrinkles out it will have all new ones to put in.
  6. They don’t remove hinges to paint?

    You can take it to any Jeep dealership.
  7. Rubicon Owners, have you waterproofed your Sway Bar connector?

    I love this stuff. Stretchy, only adheres to itself, and once fused should do the trick.
  8. Door Removal 2021 Rubicon Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

    Locking the doors does more than lock the doors.
  9. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    If you feel like you're in an exclusive club it makes sense. I certainly don't in a Wrangler. Even riding a bike I've noticed a decline in waving to the point where most that I see only wave to the same type (sport, touring, adv, cruiser, etc). I don't bother with Harley guys anymore, they are...
  10. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    Yeah, except there are tens of thousands of other Jeeps in the state. I can't go 5 miles without seeing one.
  11. Help with the swaybar disconnect warning light please (Pic)

    Sway bar can be disconnected in 4 high on my Rubicon.
  12. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    That's so bad for their eyes. Imagine you doing that, no different for your dog. Get that pup some dogles... Mine's not huge, and we don't go rock crawling, but she does great on trails.
  13. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    been mentioned a few times...
  14. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Yeah that sort of changes things...
  15. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    Who cares, takes 2 seconds to change. Once you've found it.
  16. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    What BS, the thing is marketed for off-road use.
  17. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    Factory order, plastic was still on the seats when I took ownership.
  18. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    Mine was also on by default, zero chance the dealer did it.
  19. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    Nav, nav settings, speed limit, announce speed limit warning.