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  1. A Week in Moab - EJS 2021

    I drove through MOAB a few years ago when I took my son to CA for grad school. It was a beautiful night end of August and the town was hopping. Right then and there I put it on my bucket list. Would've stayed at the time but we were in my son's Subaru jeep was back home with the wife. I was...
  2. TFL Gets 19 MPG Over 250 Miles With 392 Wrangler

    Who buys a hemi for the gas mileage. I didn't think gas mileage entered into the buying equation. I saw a TRX at my dealer the other day and all I wanted to know was the price It was 94k, the wife who was with me said no.
  3. Are there any options/specs that you regret getting OR not getting?

    Waiting for a Willys, the one based off the sport S. Didn't want nor get the nanny stuff as I don't use it. I didn't get heated seats as I've had them but didn't use them. I also didn't get the proximity door locks as no one in Maine locks their doors. Coming from a Willys jk which is old...
  4. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    Given FCA's propensity for mucking up new technology i.e. eco diesel aren't you guys worried this first gen will be riddled with problems even though the gas engine has been around. FCA is not exactly Toyota.
  5. Lifted Suspension Issues - Need Advice

    First I understand the issues caused by others like the alignment shop but clearly RK put a lift kit out there for the Diesel that wasn't ready for prime time. They weren't the only ones as several other companies did the same My issue here is for what this kit probably cost it should have been...