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  1. Current lead time on new JL order

    ordered 3/10 from Kent in Idaho....He sent me a pic yesterday 4/15 :rock: My (battle)ship has come in!!!
  2. Rubicon build time DELAWARE is 8 - 12 weeks?

    I got lucky and ordered last month from large dealer in Idaho, right before the chip shortage issues and it made it to the dealership in 5 weeks 3/10 order, 4/15 delivery .....usually much faster for the east coast, but who knows now with some of these chip issues??? Dealer sent me a pic of it...
  3. The Eagle has landed!!

    congrats! I got this from Kent at Peterson in Idaho Couldn’t pass up on the deal and a great excuse for a road trip to break her in ;)
  4. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    woohoo!!! Dealer sent me pics today of my factory ordered Sting Gray JLUR beauty that they just received today!!! soooo glad I went with this amazing color!!! flying up next weekend 4/24 to pick her up.....cant wait!!!
  5. The Eagle has landed!!

    So stoked!! Dealer sent me my first pic of my first Jeep as it got to the dealer today!! ordered 3/10 delivered to dealer 4/15 unfortunately I have some events this weekend, so I booked flight for next Saturday the 24th to pick her up and take it on our first road trip back to So Cal.....Can't...
  6. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Mine was ordered through Kent in Idaho on 3/10 and should be at dealer today or tomorrow....although I have some events this weekend so I booked my flight for 4/24 I would expect yours to hit dealership about 2-3 weeks from ship date
  7. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    Good to know....maybe I'll get them wrapped in ppf before I install.
  8. Good LED tail lights?

    these are the closest thing to OEM, but they all are smoked..... doesn't look bad though looking at the pics posted on the reviews....for $95 bucks well worth a look with free returns on amazon...
  9. Man hold up - 6 Wheel Rubicon

    wow...someone spent a ton of money to completely ruin a perfectly good JLUR :facepalm:
  10. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    the Kiwi Master halo lights are now back in stock on Amazon and I'm about to pull the trigger on those ones.....How are all of yours holding up??? seem to have great reviews
  11. Did I overpay for my JL?

    Not me, have to take a quick $100 flight to Idaho, but I got my custom factory orderJLUR from Kent at Peterson Jeep at 8% below invoice....but most people don't research this stuff and find forums like these to help them find deals and just pay MSRP and over for cars on dealer lots....the most...
  12. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Nice, was there yesterday and saw they finally got a shipment of JL's about 10 of them..... Did you get good deal from them? I told them I would have loved to have got it from them but didn't think they could match the deal I got from Kent and the guy said "yeah we couldn't touch that" He said...
  13. Did I overpay for my JL?

    yeah that’s what it sounds like but even getting it at $46.5K after taxes lic doc etc is like $10K off MSRP which is an incredible deal and kinda funny to be asking if he overpaid .... I can see a 2020 Gladiator that has been sitting on the lot for a year, but not a 2021 Sahara that sell all...
  14. Did I overpay for my JL?

    $41.5K OTD for a 2021 Sahara with a MSRP of $53K which is like getting it for $37K which is almost 30% off of MSRP which is unheard of and you're wondering if you overpaid??? does this include like $10K equity in your trade or something?? Who was the dealership? wow
  15. One Key Fob

    wow JLUR shipped 4/5 hopefully it has two key fobs
  16. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    love this thread!! Hope to be picking up mine on 4/24 :rock: great looking rigs on is a ton more with prices and specs , amazing how inexpensive the Mammoth wheels are and they have some nice looking wheels...
  17. Unofficial Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    how did you like the Mammoth wheels? They make some nice looking wheels at some amazing prices!
  18. Using local 4x4 shop. Not doing what they said. Advice

    someone tells you "it will be done by 5pm" it should be done by 5pm, especially a simple light install....then says oh I "had to eat dinner , it will be done by 9pm"...then once again comes back and says oh couldn't finish can you sit around all day tomorrow and wait for it to be done? You're...
  19. Using local 4x4 shop. Not doing what they said. Advice

    Wow....tough crowd. Dude said it would be done by 5pm it should have been done by 5pm .....shouldn't take a pro all day to do simple light install. Next time do the stuff you can do yourself, save the money and spend it on the stuff you can't do yourself
  20. Unofficial Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Lift, no lift....stock tires to 40" tires......let's see those aftermarket wheels!!! Please post some pics along with wheel/tire/lift info So far I'm leaning towards these Fuel Vectors with Nitto Ridge Grapplers