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  1. Over the air update

    Got the same update here, thanks for posting. I couldn't find any documentation about it anywhere or even what version number I have installed.
  2. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Hey all! Originally I had accidentally posted this thread as a duplicate. Sharing a link to the main thread with the latest on this:
  3. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Posting another update on this thread. I mentioned on the thread that I had the rear glass replaced by the dealership back in December. Here's what it looked like after it was freshly replaced: And now, 6 months later: Looks to be returning to the same discoloration I had seen with the...
  4. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    I know this is not a new topic on the forums here, but echoing the experience and frustration that many others have had. Thought I'd take advantage of the free oil changes that come with the Jeep Wave program and went in sure enough, it was filled to 6 quarts. I pointed out that the manual...
  5. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Definitely will do! Thanks for the update on yours as well!
  6. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Hi all – here is an update on my Jeep. I got it back from the dealership, and the rear window was replaced in my case. I do appreciate that they worked with me to get the issue fixed, but I didn't get a clear answer as to what the cause was. The paperwork says that the cause was "defrost lines...
  7. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    No problem! I hadn't heard exactly what the cause was yet, but I will ask when I take it back in to get the glass replaced.
  8. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Hey all, a quick update here – the dealership took a look at the issue and they are ordering me a new rear window. They estimate it'll be shipped in about a week for it to arrive, so I'll update once I have it back in to get it replaced.
  9. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Nope, never used any ammonia-based cleaners. I’ve been using an automotive glass cleaner on the windows.
  10. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Interesting, I guess that makes sense that it could be oxidation. I just haven't seen it on other cars, though I know the Wrangler isn't a typical car. And that's why I love the Wrangler too. If it is normal, the dealer visit won't be a waste since I'm also bringing it in for the passenger seat...
  11. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Thank you @JeepCares, I will update the thread with the results after I have it looked at by the dealer.
  12. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Hi all, *Sorry for the double post about this in the General discussion ( Realized I couldn't delete a thread once it's created. Not exactly a forum power user here :facepalm: I noticed that the...
  13. Rear defrost burnt/discolored

    Hi all, I noticed that the defrost on my back glass has recently become discolored. I'm not sure exactly how this happened since I've also never turned on the rear defrost. It seems like most others have experienced issues with the contact becoming disconnected, but my issue looks like it had...
  14. Front license plate with steel bumpers?

    I went with the Sto N Show frame for the front plate. Makes it super easy to attach or remove the plate whenever I want.