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  1. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    You think the train suffered from death wobble? ....too soon? How everyone’s ok, material shit can be replaced
  2. Expected JLU Resale Price

    The launch of the JL has been messy. The pricing was very dependent on people's ignorance of value and it worked for some time, but the dates have been messy, it's overproduced, caters to a wider demographic and dealers are selling at barely any profit to get volume sales...the goal was always...
  3. Another one...Sport S vs Rubi

    I say drop the phrase "fully kitted":giggle: in all seriousness, get what you feel is right. I have a sport and a Rubi, they each serve their purposes well. I might never use the Rubi for it's full capabilities, but I wanted something different and able to crawl on rocks outside my local mall...
  4. Potential new JL owner with steering question

    This forum is amazing, it’s like a click the search tab and type in your keywords...bam!! So many threads on this... 2018/19 have the same steering parts. Not all 2018/19’s are affected with the 4 or 5 main steering complaints. Test drive one, check tire
  5. 2019 JLU Sahara for 60k tax in after upside down trade

    Please don’t buy a JL for depreciation purposes. Valid, the wranglers depreciate slower than most vehicles. But, keep in mind the JL hasn’t been in the used market long enough to determine depreciation. The more soccer moms and beta males buy wranglers, the more they will depreciate imo. The JL...
  6. $75 gift card from my dealership

    This is funny cause after reading OP’s post I had to go back and reconfirm the amount. For $75, I don’t even think you can get the service department to inspect your car, so axle swaps wouldn’t be on the table anyways. Maybe buy oil filters to have on hand. But if it’s that much of a hassle to...
  7. 2020 Colors

    You’ll be happy you got the proximity
  8. Forbes 37 worst cars, Jeep on the list 5 or 6 times

    That's why I thanked god I held onto my 2002 7.3L
  9. Forbes 37 worst cars, Jeep on the list 5 or 6 times

    I swear, I honestly feel bad for the car shopper that bases their buying decisions on reports and depreciations. Life is short, buy what excites you
  10. Forbes 37 worst cars, Jeep on the list 5 or 6 times

    The people this article pertains to are typically people that have come from a different type of vehicle all together. These JL's will not ride comparable or better than a Mercedes or Lexus. Lots of soccer moms want to look cool picking their kids up from school, but soon realize their Odysee...
  11. WTF mods

    Must be someone in Florida. Even though I'm from Florida myself I'm not surprised when I see crap like this, it's the norm down here. But I'd have to agree top 3 worst mods: 1. Angry bird grill 2. lowered 3. any wheels over 20", and if you're out of Florida...any wheels over 18"
  12. FAIR DEAL UNTIL................

    Peterson Jeep is in Idaho, which outlawed the use of "Rule of 78". As others have mentioned, Peterson Jeep and all other Jeep dealers for that matter that use Chrysler Financial use a "Simple Interest" loan which has no pre-payment penalties. Some dealers might be shady in the way they sell you...
  13. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    It’s tentative, I’m thinking sometime this month. But of course you’ll have those saying July or August.
  14. Jeep Wrangler May 2019 Sales Report

    I guess I understand both sides... If sales are up, you feel good about the brand you own. You feel even if you slightly overpaid, you probably got a better deal than most. If sales are down, you feel good because we all know they’ve launched a new vehicle with one purpose “profits”. I...
  15. NO military discount on 2020 JL

    I bet they'll increase the delivery also, most expensive delivery of any domestic vehicle.
  16. Great Jeep Buying Experience - Criswell

    Thanks, most of us already know and vouch for criswell; awesome straight forward guys over there. Thanks for sharing your experience Back in the day it was koons and tyson that would get great reviews...but their pricing and fees were eventually beat and we all factor that in. Criswell A+ in...
  17. Any 2020 Jeep wrangler news?

    Use the search tool. I’ve been on this forum reading all the info on the 18/19’s steering issues. There have been revised part numbers for several parts trying to address the 4 main steering complaints. The 2020 will have some revised parts that the 18/19 never had from Factory. Don’t know if...
  18. Any 2020 Jeep wrangler news?

    I don’t see the humor..? If you believe the 2020 will roll out of factory with the exact same suspension/steering items as the 2018/19’s the jokes on you. God bless
  19. Any 2020 Jeep wrangler news?

    Yea I can bet for a fact the steering issues have been addressed on the 2020’s. Lot of talk about bsg and mojito discontinued...we will see.