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  1. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    Got mine back on Friday along with a foot of new snow. Took about two weeks turnaround.. Will re-install today if it warms up above freezing.
  2. Front seat media console - AUX and USB ports

    If USB power is all you are looking for, I have a Garmin mini-cam, and a GoPro Dash mounted GoPro 8 mounted with the power wires (USB) concealed behind the windshield edge moldings. They run down under the dash near the glovebox to two 12V to 5V USB power boxes. One box is powered by the cigar...
  3. Maine JL owners?

    I have a set of 2020 JL Sport S 3.6L Batteries for cheap. Used for 6 months then removed in favor of a Genesis Dual Battery system. They were put on occasional float charger and are just sitting on the shelf. They are in need of a Jeep. They are Located in Wilton/Jay/Dixfield environs.
  4. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    Everything on my CC2L+ now works thanks to everyone's input. Especially Mike-Darkos posting of a super informational PDF. Took me awhile to discover that the CC2L+ only has one USB port available even though it came with 5 possible USB input cables. However my outside air temps are close to...
  5. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I am puzzled by the differences with the Adapter plug I have and the picture on your PDF. My Adapter plug has The RCA of course, but then has a yellow wire labeled ACC, a red wire labeled B+ and the black ground wire. The adapter connector pic in your PDF doesn't have the B+ wire. So, I...
  6. Credit card fraud by Tire Vendor

    Chase contacted me. Within an hour after the phone call. It never appeared on my account.
  7. Credit card fraud by Tire Vendor

    The charge was cancelled as soon as I answered the query from my credit card company (Chase) "NO" it was not valid. From the standpoint of the vendor, the charge was almost immediately rejected by the credit card company. Thanks for your comment. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.
  8. Credit card fraud by Tire Vendor

    A few days ago I went online to buy new shoes for my little one. I found a pretty good price with free shipping for 5 Kenda Klevers. I went on line to the vendor and went through the process up until I got to the shipping section. The page told me that they could not ship to my home address...
  9. Trans Canada Adventure Trail (TCAT)

    Have you seen this? I believe that "this is the guy"
  10. Are you stimulated?

    New shoes for the little one. BF Goody two shoes KO2:)
  11. Sand hallow

    You might want to write down this number. You might get a new T-Shirt. :) (435) 635-2231
  12. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    Yes, I'm aware of that, but that particular lead is not shown nor mentioned on any instructions I have found yet.
  13. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    More Camera problems: The CC2L+ is installed, and seems to be working just fine. But no back up camera. I did buy the Wrangler camera adapter and connected the wire labeled Switch to switched power, and the black to ground, but there was a wire labeled B+ which I left unconnected. Then I...
  14. Wet Okole seat covers

    I love them: Have them in my JLS. Had them in my old Vette and old Porsche.
  15. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    You will undoubtedly find it here, but it'll take some sleuthing I'm afraid. Don't worry Google Chrome will translate it from the Russian.
  16. Seat Covers - Not Neoprene!!

    Help protect the baby neoprenes.
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally a day warm enough to work outside: Installed my new Teyes CCL 2+ head unit, Wired in two 12V to 5V DC to DC USB adapters from my AUX Power switch bank to power my dash mounted cameras, and rewired my winch power cables to include a master disconnect switch. Lots of work running cables...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally it was above freezing today. First time since late November. Mud season is here in all its sticky and gluey aggravation. In anticipation of a month of foot deep mud on the three miles of dirt road leading to my cabin from the nearest paved road....I washed my jeep. A pointless...
  19. Trans America Trail (TAT)

    Has anyone driven on this trail or any sections? I am planning on traveling from Maine to Alaska this summer, but my relatives in Canada are telling me that they don't think Canada will open up to Americans until around August. In that event I was looking at the TAT for a couple of months...