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  1. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    January 2018 and now at 34k. Replaced the batteries but besides that am holding ok
  2. NC Jeepers trek to Windrock 2/12-2/13

    Awesome. Wife is a bit short to get in the car with a lift and bigger tires but want something that still acts as a true slider without steps to get caught. Appreciate it and glad y’all had fun
  3. NC Jeepers trek to Windrock 2/12-2/13

    What sliders are those? Windrock is a blast, so huge
  4. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    Nah. I’ll be your huckleberry. Don’t care what your Jeep looks like as long as you wave or acknowledge
  5. Wheel Spacers for JL Rubicon

    :) maybe "'Jeeps' have two doors. SUV's, two many. "Badges, I don't need to show no stinking badges" from Treasure of the Sierra Madras" My jeep has four doors but we do sit around a camp fire farting so I think I go 1 for 2 in your analogy.
  6. Wheel Spacers for JL Rubicon

    I have spacers on 35s since 37s weren’t in the budget and the 35s looked like tiny shoes with the 4in lift. Definitely got the look I was going for. I used locktite on them and tourqued them to ensure they wouldn’t come loose. Absolutely no issues so far even after off-roading. Like was said, go...
  7. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    :) i live in Suwanee haha. JLUinNC I think is going to drive down right now and grab it but you will be the first to know if that falls through or anything
  8. Hot Transmission

    Yes last few times ive taken it off road (or sitting in a drive through lane at 60 degrees) you can hear the fan kick on and i pull up the transmission temp and watch it just keep climbing
  9. Hot Transmission

    I was at 250+ with light to medium wheeling
  10. Hot Transmission

    well....its not under warranty any longer so that would likely be a fight :). At the end of the day its still a jeep and we will just consider this a "feature". While wheeling i get to stop and smell the roses, watch the birds chirp, trees sway in the wind, smoke come from the hood jk
  11. Hot Transmission

    thanks for digging in, this is really good info
  12. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    For top + rack with no trade $2500 With trade for premium soft top $500
  13. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    I really enjoy the roof rack for the sole purpose of the RTT. I am not much into overlanding or anything so besides putting a tent on there I do not use it. They do make it super convenient to add rails, lights, shovel brackets, etc so if your jam is to get out there you can certainly do it with...
  14. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    Attached are a few photos. Happy to provide more. The blue painters tape is so I don’t get rained on while it is off currently.
  15. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    Hey man yeah it’s the long rack but also happy to answer questions if you have any over the pioneer system or anything. I’m OTP on the north east side but happy to help if you want to see what it looks like before you dive in
  16. Georgia Free fairlead

    Absolutely free fairlead. You just have to come get it. Case of beer is also appreciated fairlead is brand new never installed (north atlanta)
  17. Georgia BFG rubi spare take off

    Brand new BFG rubi takeoff that was the spare tire. Never used $20 Atlanta area
  18. Quadratec Customer Service

    Hey all just wanted to do a shout out to Quadratec especially their customer service. I have ordered quite a few products from them for my JLU and have really never had a negative or positive experience. Unfortunately that all changed recently when I had a product fail on me. I was really...
  19. Roof rack for RTT

    Does look like Maximus is trying to make it easier on us (again not their fault) and has released this hardware for the Yakima. When REI has a killer deal you gotta pounce no matter how many holes you have to drill :)