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  1. A Week in Moab - EJS 2021

    Nice! We were in Moab at the same time. We ran it on the first Saturday, great warm-up getting back on the trails. Getting a chance to wheel with others is a great experience and a great way to learn. Nothing wrong with being a newb, we all start somewhere. My Jeep is my daily driver, I joke...
  2. "FLEX"/Articulation pictures?

    Fun thread! 3.5" M.C. Game-Changer/Falcon SP2 3.3's -Steven
  3. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Thanks Paul for breaking it down force us! Having owned both the 3.6 and now the 2.0L, my personal experience backs up what you state. -Steven
  4. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    @CNSD Sorry to hear you've had trouble with your 2.0L! My 2.0L e-Torque really shines in the mountains, and I'm always pleasantly surprised at how cool it runs, especially getting up and over the Rocky Mountain passes. -Steven
  5. Expedition Builds Does EJS 2021

    Hi All, we recently returned from Easter Jeep was a great week. Here's a video we put together covering a few trail runs, the Expo, the Jeep Display and more. We hope you enjoy it✌🏻 -Steven
  6. Rubi Recon

    Let's see if we can make this happen. I'd love to have a few others to wheel with if possible. -Steven
  7. A Week in Moab - EJS 2021

    Hey Ryan, what day did you run Fins? -Steven
  8. Rubi Recon

    You bring up a great point...a stock JL is an incredibly capable machine. If you weren't registered for a trail, you were likely going to find trails closed for the EJS event. It's a very cool event to experience, but if you're looking to run trails, a different time of year would be better...
  9. Rubi Recon

    Did you 7 Mile Rim? I was shooting on 7 Mile late Sunday evening with RSE. What day did you run it? -Steven
  10. Rubi Recon

    It truly is! Like no other place. We had a great trip, mixing pleasure with a lot of content shooting. The town was buzzing which is always cool to see. I'm looking forward to getting back late summer, early fall for more wheeling, quieter trails. -Steven

    EJS 2021🏜 -Steven
  12. Rubi Recon

    Doin' a little work on Fins day 1 of EJS. Felt so good to be back on the trail and in the warm sunshine of Moab🏜 -Steven
  13. CO Ketchup Build

    Those are some nicely built Toyotas...and that doesn't look like work at all! -Steven
  14. CO Ketchup Build

    Looks like you had a great trip. The Maze looks great, I haven't done that trail yet🏜 -Steven
  15. A Week in Moab - EJS 2021

    Thanks Kevin, I heard from a few buddies that Hamburger Hill was getting pretty chucked out! Too bad we didn't run into each other. I'm sure we must have passed each other on Main Street a few times during the week. Be well Amigo✌🏻 -Steven
  16. A Week in Moab - EJS 2021

    Steel Bender, another great trail! The 'Wall' and the 'Fall'...I think the Well's book says, you'll know it when you see it😳 I don't mind climbing/staring at nothing but blue sky, but those off -camber steep down-hills really get me hyper focused. Keep the great pics coming. -Steven
  17. A Week in Moab - EJS 2021

    Nice video Kevin! Kane Creek is one of my favorites. Keep the great work coming! Here's a quick video I did on Jeep's display in Moab during EJS. -Steven
  18. Aussie 2021 Granite Crystal JLUR build

    Hey Steve✌🏻 Great seeing what you're doing with your Jeep on the other side of the world! I just noticed the from your pics that the Aussie Jeeps come with an additional flare extension built into the fenders...very cool. Keep the pics coming. -Steven
  19. Rubi Recon

    Looking forward to seeing this come together! -Steven
  20. 2021 EJS Display Video

    We just returned from EJS, great week. I put together a video of Jeep's display which included the concept vehicles. Enjoy! -Steven