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  1. What are these?

    Those are called "Regret Holes". They cause instant regret at paying $50K plus for a Jeep. They also serve to remind some of us old-timers that Jeep never fixed the rear main seal issue that has plagued Wranglers since at least the 90's. Yep, 30+ years of engineering evolution and this one...
  2. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    Don't forget to buy yourself a trunk monkey.
  3. Air Intake Question

    They are the resonators, and help very much with sound. For whatever reason, without them your Jeep will sound like it swallowed a frog. I've tried "smooth tube" intakes and got rid of every one because my JL made this annoying gutteral sound at low idle cruise.
  4. 4xe issues

    I don't understand because isn't the whole point of a hybrid that the gas engine simply takes over by default on a low or discharged battery? I suppose these are the issues with electric/hybrids until they work out the kinks. Just make sure the jeep dealership doesn't put 6 quarts of oil in...
  5. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    Uhh, well, about that . . .
  6. What is this button in my Wrangler?

    That's an easy one. It's the "Piss Off" button. Jeep has done us the favor of providing this handy little option where, with one convenient press of a button, the vehicle tells other motorists to Piss Off (in a commanding Patrick Stewart voice of course). Here's how it works: Some Prius cut...
  7. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    I agree with the Sock Monkey. Also, after the dealer re-torques the head, the gasket might stop leaking externally, but still not seal properly. Since one job of the head gasket is to keep your oil and coolant separated inside the head, keep an eye on the color of your oil and coolant. If the...
  8. Did I overpay for my JL?

    I got lost somewhere in the middle with all the numbers and such, but if you bought a Jeep, you can pretty much be sure you paid too much! Just forget about it and move on. Better yet when any Jeep people ask how much you paid, just tell them you expertly negotiated an out the door price of 15%...
  9. When to wax?

    I just throw some dish soap on mine before a good rain. It's free (except for the dish soap I guess) and I've never had any paint problems. Waxing is for girls with hairy legs.
  10. 4xe Sahara GVWR weight sticker tag = 6200 lb

    I believe 4xe is advertised with a vehicle weight of between 5,100 to 5,222 lbs (regular JL is 3,970 to 4,439 lbs).
  11. Leak or Thread Sealant?

    Man, maybe that is usually the case, but somehow everything rusts on a Jeep. If the frame was 24K gold, it would rust.
  12. Leak or Thread Sealant?

    LOL. Yea, I bet the engineers thought about it, but then realized it will eventually be covered in oil anyway from the leak, so why bother with rust proofing!
  13. 3.6 l Engine Oil Type

    I usually don't respond to oil threads but I will share my two cents, which I have posted before on other "which oil is best" but this is such good info coming from me that it's worth posting again. In fact I may just post this on every oil thread I come across: I use that Amsoil stuff after...
  14. Air intake advice / feedback?

    The mishimoto is nice. I have that one on my JL. Claims about 10hp/tq which is about right, maybe a little optimistic. I bought it because admittedly I am a sucker for adding doodads and farkles to my jeep, and never learn my lesson that intakes really dont do much. Its like I know they are a...
  15. Leak or Thread Sealant?

    So that is the rear mail seal area. I believe every Jeep made since the beginning of time either leaks, or will leak at the rear main seal. For some reason, Jeep has never figured that one out. Now, looking at yours I don't see evidence of an oil leak. Jeep apparently was nice enough to give us...
  16. Picking up JL Rubicon tomorrow- What can I expect?

    Sorry to be the one to tell you brother, but your screen is all messed up. All bumpy and stuff. Take that Jeep back and have them replace the entire radio unit.
  17. Picking up JL Rubicon tomorrow- What can I expect?

    So, this is my screen saver now. Maybe for the next few years. No, definitely forever.
  18. 8.4 Upgade Update Question

    Hate to be the one to tell you, but nothing wrong with the NAV. Clearly you are moving between a temporal vortex, or a "hole in the fabric of time" for the layman out there. So, you may think you're just going down the street, but in reality you are phase-shifting between dimensions. The Jeep...
  19. Video: Pentastar V6 Engine Production

    It is odd, however, that the apparently very attentive and engaged Mercedes workers on average churn out vehicles that have more than their fair share of electrical and mechanical issues. I would be willing to bet if you took 100 Jeep JL's and 100 Mercedes of any model, you would find the...