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  1. Mopar touch up paint pens

    Thanks guys, this seems like my best bet. I’ve contacted my dealership but they’re closed on sundays so I left them a message. We’ll see what they say.
  2. Mopar touch up paint pens doesn’t and the ones on don’t ship to Canada. Thanks though
  3. Mopar touch up paint pens

    does anyone know where I can get these in Canada??? I feel like I’ve looked everywhere, and the only reliable source I’ve found them at is quadratec, and they won’t ship to Canada for unspecified reasons... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Canadian wait times

    6 speed v6 Sarge green sahara Cold weather Tow package Proximity locks Alpine upgrade(not with 8.4”) Led light package I can’t believe you don’t have a build date yet. I would be putting pressure on your dealership. I was told right from the beginning it would be about 3 months at the latest...
  5. Canadian wait times

    Ordered Oct.6, took delivery Dec. 29 Expect a minimum of 3 months. It also helps if your dealer is good at their job, which I suspect, a lot are not.
  6. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    Yeah I drive on snow and ice 8 months out of the year here in Canada and I’ve never used chains, nor have I seen anyone use chains. I think they might even be illegal.
  7. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    Slow down when turning, give yourself time to brake, and don’t gun it. But judging from your pic, you might have trouble with all 3 of those 😂 (source: am Canadian)
  8. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Damn. Kaitlin putting in work. Getting us the information we all so desperately needed. Thank you.
  9. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Why would they halt sells and and orders, but not plan on notifying anyone else for like 5 weeks. Most people driving a manual right now won’t even know there’s an issue until mid March. Obviously it’s not that big of an issue.
  10. Build sheet question

    I have color matched fenders, and my build sheet says “body color fender flares”.
  11. Color has got to be the hardest choice!

    My choice was always Sarge Green, no question, I never even considered Sting Gray until I was sitting at a red light and one drove by me. That color is sharp in person, and now it is easily my second choice.
  12. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    I suffer from pretty bad general anxiety, so I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. If I lost my job tomorrow, who knows what I would do. My point is, you can’t let what if’s and maybes hold you back in life. You can live for now, while still keeping an eye on the future. Get the Jeep...
  13. OEM all weather Mopar floor mats

    I don’t know anything about the “original” mats, but I just installed these the other day and they are great. They will work just fine and I am treking snow into my Jeep all day. I think some people over think things or have unrealistic expectations.
  14. Temperature inaccurate during remote start

    I mean, I don’t think I can wait until Thursday.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the mopar all weather mats today. One week in and the carpet mats are already looking pretty rough. Carpet just isn’t made for a work boots and Canadian Winter combo.
  16. I wish my Jeep had...

    A heated stick shift... that would be nice.
  17. JK Vs JL Sarge Green....Different?

    I mean you can find examples of the JL sarge green online. There’s lots out there. My opinion? You should go for it. I did. It’s the best color in my opinion. The only thing that would have made my decision difficult would be if they offered the gator color available on the JT’s or the copper...
  18. Last Chance for Lava Jackets!

    Love your guys’ products... but you don’t ship to Canada :crying: Any plans for the future????
  19. Inner fender - is this ok?

    Right, right... so if I’m understanding you guys correctly, I should look into some aftermarket fender liners... welp, that’s all the convincing I need, new fender liners it is.