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  1. Rays TE37XT-MS

    never thought i'd see that ... and i LOVE it . good job
  2. Getting a JL, never owned one.

    Jeep ... yes . Welcome
  3. JL Creeps forward while in Neutral - Auto Trans

    2019 sounds like a warrantee item i would bring to the dealer.
  4. .75 in rear spacers recommendations

    I stacked two 1/2” teraflex on the rear no issues
  5. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    Yes, i regretted buying my first jk with that terrible engine ... sold it. Forgot i regretted it a few years later and bought another one. Regretted not waiting for the JL and for getting a 4dr so sold it and waited. Got my 2dr JL with turbo and finally dont regret any part of that.
  6. My $15 LED cubes

    have they gotten wet yet?
  7. Help! Noise from inside tailgate area

    i just used a random brand they had at my local parts store. I still wipe my rear seal around the window with 303 or carnuba wax when i wash it to keep it quiet too
  8. Help! Noise from inside tailgate area

    Yes, this sounds like a common problem . the issue is coming from the rubber seal that is on the bottom of the window. some people have fixed it by greasing that seal, or wax, or anti squeak tape across the tailgate itself. I fixed mine by adding black rubber door edge molding to the top of...
  9. What the heck is this rattle? 🤦‍♀️

    with that much work on it probably exhaust heat shield or something making contact.... thats without hearing anything but just a guess
  10. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    anything we can do for those of us that is hasn't come off yet? epoxy around the plug so it stays stuck to the window?
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    looks like they used a sharpie paint marker
  12. Please ID this wheel and tire SIZE looks to me like a 35" TOyo open country AT with a 2" lift.
  13. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    On the way to work this morning
  14. Need your opinion! Which wheel for my 2021 Willys?

    i like the first one ... not a fan of simulated beadlock on the outter rim of the second
  15. Need Help Pricing out 2021 Sport S

    i personally wouldn't consider the v6 an "upgrade"- just different. i would tell them to take those tube steps off too
  16. Custom paint or vinyl wrap opinion and costs?

    i would assume 3-4k for a good shop to do it. Vinyl has come a long way most offer 5-7 year warrantees and they look great