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  1. Should I regear?

    I re-geared to 4.56 and LOVE it.
  2. EcoDiesel Engine Chirping Noise

    No but I have a repeating sound of a siren that happens all the time. Drives me a little crazy to be honest but not enough to take it in.....
  3. Sway Bar Disconnection for Off Roading

    This is interesting. Yeah I know to ziptie the disconnected link to the Sway Bar to prevent damage. That is a given. I am curious tho why disconnecting both wouldn't provide the opportunity for more articulation.....
  4. Sway Bar Disconnection for Off Roading

    He doesn't mean one end. He is trying to say you only have to undo the driver or passenger side and then you will get the full effect of having the sway bar disconnected.
  5. Remote Start Disabled?

    Glad you got your problem sorted. Couple things. Auto Start and Remote start are two different things. The list given in a previous reply is for auto Start/Stop. The reason I know this is that the Remote start will NOT be disabled bu the first item "Driver's Seat belt being unbuckled"...
  6. Sway Bar Disconnection for Off Roading

    So there is a discussion happening on one of my Facebook groups where a guy is trying to convince people you only need to disconnect one side of your Sway bar in order to achieve all that is necessary from Sway Bar Disconnection for off roading? Is there any truth to this? See screenshots for...
  7. mounting Scangauge?

    I LOVE my Scanguage II. Thanks for the pics to help me figure out how to run my wire. It's just been tucked tight in the corner for the time I have had it. Edited to add: I just use the velcro version of command strips on my dash here in Vegas. It gets plenty hot and I have had no issue with...
  8. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    Remove the baffling from under the hood and install the poison spyder louver plate,
  9. AFe CAI for diesel JL

    I agree with this completely. Also if you look at the stock intake for the diesel it is practically a CAI that draws straight from the outside of the edge of the hood anyway. CAI is a waste on this engine.
  10. ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Location?

    Anyone mount an ARB Twin on their EcoD yet? Discussing with my mechanic and trying to figure out where to mount mine. He says that inside is not a good idea because when I turn off my locker the air venting from the solenoid would smell awful (gear oil). Also since using it for my locker as...
  11. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    Dunno but I can tell you I am in 8th gear at about 50 mph now so I feel my gear change was a win in my situation at least.....
  12. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    My original tires were 32’. Original gears were 3.73. Current tires ar 37’s. So 37/32 x 3.73 = 4.3128. I think that warrants my gear swap to 4.56. Also mine were free so why not do it.
  13. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    So I can report my 4.56 are I. And running great. Have done my 500 miles of break in (sucks running 500 miles in 4HI! Ugh!). Now issues during the post break in oil change. Went wheeling on them today and had AMAZING power! Also have gained some decent MPG when highway running! 2-4 MPG...
  14. 3.0 Fuses

    WTH is that. Doesn’t even look like a Diesel engine bay. Have never seen anything like that in my 2020 JLUSD. That doesn’t appear to be the intake for. diesel since ours is on the driver side and that appears to be on the passenger side....
  15. Is passive regeneration a myth?

    With my scanguage monitoring my spot load I can tell you on Highway at 60ish and above my diesel spot load slowly drops.
  16. diesel clatter

    I ripped the sound proofing out of my hood when I installed my Poison Sounder pho’s louvre. Sounds absolutely amazing now.
  17. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Well crap. Looks like my harness does not have those pins.
  18. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    I found all the parts but I am unclear on how I tell if my Sport S has the requisite Antenna's already installed. I saw a post saying there should be one behind a trim panel onthe left and/or right B Pillar(s) but I cannot find that post again to see if I read it correctly.
  19. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    Yeah they are not charging me for labor at all since they will already have it open. -DD
  20. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    Sorry not Sorry? :) I did some research on them. I know about the clicking and popping. I cannot afford a selectable locker right now so that is why I am going with the lunchbox style. Also my research indicates that the clicking and popping is not usually that bad when you only have it in...