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  1. What to get...

    Just got a 2018 JLU and looking forward to getting out with some friends. Trying to figure out comms that work with everyone. one has...
  2. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Just my thoughts.... I have a 2011 F-150, a 2017 Edge Sport and a 2019 JLR on order. IF the Bronco was out today... I may or may not have the JLR on order. IT isn't a "Ford Fan" thing. It is a cost/capability with the fun factor. I've wanted a 60s Bronco or newer Jeep for a while. I'm not...
  3. MOAB...I just don’t understand Why the thread was closed.

    Might be true if the MOAB drivers didn't share the same love of the D as women lol
  4. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Nice! Hm... so for an 18x9" running 37x13.5/18.... -12mm offset may or may not be more inside the wheel. I will have to check that.
  5. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I am loving this! What wheel width, backspace and offset? Any interiror issues/rubbing with turn or articulation?
  6. The Complete Package

    So, I took another look at it, in an "upgraded" plan. IF I went MOPAR or Dynatrac, Metalcloak full set control arms, and complete YETI steering pieces, it's $3,500-$3,800 (MSRP). That really isn't terrible compared to the MC w/Yeti at $3,200 and RK X Factor and Yeti for $3,700.
  7. The Complete Package

    I am of the same mindset for the most part. I like the Dynatrac and Mopar lifts for 2 reasons, 2" and matched spring/shocks.
  8. The Complete Package

    The Maximus 3 sounds awesome! If I wanted a 3.5" or higher lift. Oh, and they use the YETI steering components. So why not go RK Max or MC GC and the YETI tie rod and draglink?
  9. The Complete Package

    I agree that utilizing parts that have been designed together is the best course of action. The problem sits with the fact that no one makes ALL the parts that are the cause of the issue. The other part of the equation is that there are too many parts causing the issue from what I can tell so...
  10. The Complete Package

    I agree and this is what has led me to the above belief. If you are going to make adjustments, make the right ones. IT is clear that the stock components will wobble at some point, more often than not. Oh, and I goofed on my math. The MOPAR is $100 more with the full YETI parts AND MC front and...
  11. The Complete Package

    Really doesn't exist. I get that. From reading through posts I am under the impression that wobbles, death or a bad case of the wiggles, gets addressed in 2 ways: a steering stabilizer or the YETI trackbar. It seems that some with even the MC or RK kits have replaced their trackbar that came...
  12. Replacing MC Trackbar?

    Interesting. Not sure if I had seen anyone else talk about DW post MC/RK lifts. Would not think their lifts would be an issue based on the designs.
  13. Replacing MC Trackbar?

    Did you have death wobble with the MC kit or before install of the kit? I am trying to work the timing I guess.
  14. MOAB...I just don’t understand Why the thread was closed.

    She isn't Jeep material. GEO Storm....that suits her.
  15. MOAB...I just don’t understand Why the thread was closed.

    Honestly, 35s on 24s is more useful than she is
  16. MOAB...I just don’t understand Why the thread was closed.

    OAC.... Seriously tho, 35s on 24s is a good start.
  17. Yeti, ARCTEC and 37s

    Really liking the ARCTEC Freedom Editions. Price wise they are better than the DV8s, which surprised me. I anticipate ARCTEC to be a better product. I am still looking at others, but some of them are just way up there for no god reason....that I can tell.
  18. Yeti, ARCTEC and 37s

    Found this tool that really helped give the visual. Looks like a lift is in order no matter what, but the inner fenders are probably going to help also. I know I can trim, but that leaves areas open to dirt and debris that I don't want.
  19. Icon Alloy's - 17" REBOUND

    I found it! Took a few tries at rewording the search lol. Thanks!