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  1. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    yes, as taram wrote, they fit without any modifications.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Vinyl wrapped my SOT top matte black as I did not like the glossy top and added side vent decals (not sure if I keep them).
  3. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    thank you, now it looks a little more like an US stock rubicon (wonder why they change so much for the EU models).
  4. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    thanks to the great and detailed information from @Kokis i also ordered the required parts for installing the high top fenders. i also installed wheel spacers with 25mm on each side. looks more rugged now... very happy now. before after
  5. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    installed mine last week - plug'n play. works without any problems - every single time i start the jeep. very nice and comfortable addition.
  6. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    thanks for the information and advice! as far as i know the problem with the wheels studs, which need to be shortened a little, is only with the 20mm spacers - the 25mm spacers should be fine.
  7. Major Improvements

    perhaps these pics can help to campare your gap with mine...
  8. Major Improvements

    i think you are looking for this. sorry, this is a german website, but shows very well, what you need. is a not very expensive plastic cover.
  9. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    ups, i ordered 25mm on each side - 50mm per axle. are yours 40mm on each side or 40mm per axle? perhaps i should install the fenders first and order the wheel spacers later. in germany the wheels are not allowed to stand out below the fenders - only the outside of the wheels.
  10. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Greeting from Germany. I always loved Jeeps although it is not always easy to love Jeeps, when you live in Germany (as everything is far more expensive than in the US - especially parts). When I bought my first Jeeps, there haven't been any official dealers here. About 32 years ago I got my...
  11. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    @Kokis i am about to do the same as you have done - installing the high fender on an EU JL Rubicon and wheel spacers. i have one question about the wheel spacers: i am running BFG 285/70 R17. what size of wheel spacers do you suggest to fill the gap of the wider fenders? are they sooo much...