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  1. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I have a JLU where the passenger seat does not tilt forward, so I pulled all 4 bolts and removed passenger seat for the install. Honestly, that's one of the easier steps :) Cutting the carpet, cutting the heater vent, running the cables under and up to the battery, and sodering / extending...
  2. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I went with the ARB under seat mount. Overall I am very happy with the end result, but it took a lot of time and very poor instructions to struggle through. It fit well with my WeatherTech rear floor mats, and I like that the bracket protects the compressor from being kicked by a rear...
  3. JL Rubicon Red Decal Delete

    I like the black text with silver outline on the blue... you can order custom ones here:
  4. Black tail Wild Bill trail.

    The trail is at a really high altitude, it is at 6,200 feet... it is right next to a ski resort to give you some context. I was there at the end of April and it was still thigh deep snow. Buddy of mine went last weekend and it was sketchy snow and ice to get up there at the end of October...
  5. Mopar Steel Rear Bumper help

    Pointing out there are flaws in the stock bumper is a valid conversation. Noah, your comments are not productive, constructive, or helping anyone. This is not how we as a community work to help each other... please tone it down.
  6. Mopar Steel Rear Bumper help

    I just got back from Moab... my rear corners paint is all damaged from exactly this! Coming off ledges and hitting the bumper, it presses up into the body.
  7. Pulled over for no doors

    That doesn't say you need doors... it says you need to maintain your vehicle in working order. The entire law is about maintenance... no protrusions that could harm a pedestrian (can't be Mad Max)... that the door and hood hinges / latches be maintained so that the doors don't fall off while...
  8. Pulled over for no doors

    That is not accurate, please share a link to the Washington State law that states that. Here is a link to the Washington State mirror law, this is what needs to be satisfied when taking off your doors:
  9. Pulled over for no doors

    That is not accurate, what Washington has is a Mirror law. Obviously, if you remove your doors... it also removes your mirrors, then you must have side mirror alternatives (2 rear facing mirrors in Washington, so you could get away with driver side and center rearview mirrors). I run...
  10. Any Metalcloak fans out there?

    You need to cut the ties to the locker and CAD cables to the axles with the 3.5" lift to give them a little more length. I got full droop with my 3.5" MC lift and ripped them out at Moab. Love my MC lift on my JLU... performs amazing both on and off road
  11. Mopar Lift Control Arm Lengths

    Adjustable control arms are much better, it allows you to get geometry corrected when lifting to get the axles centered and back to original position. They are VERY common, and I've got full 8 adjustable arms from MetalCloak on my JLU (and had them on my JKU)… and I can tell you that no...
  12. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    On the front axle there is a cable for the Center Axle Disconnect (CAD), on the front and rear axle's of Rubicon's there is also a cable for the electronic lockers, which are not long enough at full droop with a 3.5" lift. I was at Moab and had full droop on an obstacle and had the cables rip...
  13. Spare too high?

    As others have said, you don't need the Rough Country bracket for 35's. Only for 37+
  14. Rear fender lining

    I had the same problem of the bump in on the rear fender rubbing at full compression with my 37"... I used a Dremel to trim the bump off. I'll probably replace longer term with a different fender liner long term... but it's fine for now.
  15. Rugged Ridge LED Brake Light

    Too bad that it's not plug-n-play like the JK version... and that it requires splicing wires. If it had the adapter, it could be quickly and easily disconnected if you needed to
  16. Tailgate Table

    Awesome! Been waiting... just ordered!!!
  17. Is AEV generally considered best of breed quality?

    Bunch of AEV fanboy's here... so I don't expect much, but here you go: I had an AEV 3.5 on my 2015 JKU... in my opinion, AEV has amazing progressive springs that give the best road ride there is! In reality, that is what everyone is raving about when they say 'how great the ride is on AEV...
  18. Is AEV generally considered best of breed quality?

    As a person who's owned AEV... AEV was king, a decade ago. However, they have failed to keep up with other modern vendors who have superior solutions now and as a company they lack agility... you see that in their inability to come to market with JL products.
  19. 3.5" Full Droop - Be Warned

    Yes, they recently added this... after feedback like mine which I sent them prior to posting here :)