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  1. Do Rubicons only come with black fenders?

    White all the way, every panel.
  2. Rusty’s Winch Plate: Not Impressed

    Yeah, i plan on calling these guys tomorrow. At this point i will probably just buy another winch plate, as i saw this thing bend pretty easily. Here are some pics.
  3. Rusty’s Winch Plate: Not Impressed

    I ordered Rusty’s Winch Plate to mount my winch on the stock steel bumpers on my 2019 Rubicon a couple months ago, and my first time using it the winch plate bent. I was using a 9500lb Smittybilt winch and it bent pretty easily. This was a REAL pain to install, so i wasn’t looking forward to...
  4. Winch advice, Warn vs Barricade

    Regret buying anything from $hittybilt. Big mistake.
  5. Mudflap test...

    I ordered these. Basically made them square (cut the long narrow section off and then used 2 existing holes towards the bottom of the fender. Just popped out the plastic fasteners. Replaced with nuts and bolts. $28 and maybe 1 hour total time.
  6. Mudflap test...

    After installng mudflaps. In the mud. Dirt trails. Drivng through water.
  7. Mudflap test...

    I was pretty shocked to see how quickly my Rubicon gets dirty. One day i drove it to the carwash, and it was wasted by the time i got home. I bought some $27 universal mud flaps and put them on. I took them in the mud, dirt, and some wet roads, all in about 100 miles. Massive change. This was...
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hard-wired my Magellan TR5. Mud flaps. Winch.
  9. Feeling no heat on floor

    Thanks for the help. Checking.
  10. Feeling no heat on floor

    Hey guys when i put the heat mode to the floor i feel nothing down there. Is this a known issue? The heat blows strong otherwise.
  11. Any recommended Colorado dealers?

    I also told them i was going to do the deal tonight if we could make it work. But i also understood that it might not make sense for them. No hard feelings.
  12. Tire pressure makes huge difference in ride quality

    Okay i am going to air down to 32psi and see what happens.
  13. Any recommended Colorado dealers?

    It was in the evening and towards the end of the month.
  14. Tire pressure makes huge difference in ride quality

    I have seen it mentioned a few times here. That is why i tried to confirm it.
  15. Tire pressure makes huge difference in ride quality

    So 35 PSI is the desired pressure for a Rubicon with 33" tires?
  16. Any recommended Colorado dealers?

    MSRP was $57,500 and we got $51,000 on a Rubicon.
  17. How much money have you wasted so far?

    $20 on a carwash. It was dirty before i even got it home.