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  1. Totaled my JL

    Appreciate all the well wishes . Insurance diid really well..... I know I have a lesser vehicle.. but I ended up with a paid vehicle paying for another paid vehicle, with a little left over for a few minor modifications .. major stuff can come later. I’m satisfied and have found a dealer that...
  2. Totaled my JL

    Pulled off everything except winch. They wanted to much money to get it on a lift to salvage it in time. That’s the only bitter part. But they paid me well for it. Cant really complain.
  3. Totaled my JL

    Someone will put this JL back on the road... just not me or my insurance company. But I got real close to what I paid for it, and wasn’t hurt. The JT will eventually be as nice, just doesn’t start off as nice.
  4. Totaled my JL

    Yep... my swerving days are over.
  5. Totaled my JL

    Farm bureau.... basically they are giving me about what I paid for it... although I know I got a good deal. It won’t be much extra money, but some. No real negotiations at all. They gave me an offer, I sent them some receipts for mods, and was really happy with second offer. It’s not as fancy of...
  6. Totaled my JL

    Last Saturday I swerved around a deer and ran through a fence. Post was cemented in, and insurance has totaled it. Y’all helped me through the order and wait back in 18, and I thank y’all for that. Thursday I picked up a JT Sport S Max tow off the lot. Its not the Rubi I special ordered, but it...
  7. Handgun Magnet

    Possibly if mounted on drivers side. I mounted on passenger side to avoid this, and is a more natural reach for me. I’d advise contacting Gibson leather works to discuss.
  8. Bestop Sunrider Issue

    No flutter, leaks, or anything.... just increased road noise, but that’s expected. Something is definitely not right with yours, but I can’t say what. Bestop is known for helping, I’d contact them or message them on here.
  9. FIX for key fob key opening in my pocket every ten minutes.

    Gibson leatherworks holsters. Many styles available.
  10. Bestop Sunrider Issue

    Sounds like a fluke of some kind. Mine has been installed since they were introduced without any issues, except that the instructions left a lot to be desired.
  11. Mopar Door Sill Guards Factory Installed

    If they come with the Jeep, they are usually red. After market mopar is usually black on mats.
  12. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    Think I was 15 when I got this one.
  13. Deer Protection

    D9 dozer blade
  14. How much have you spent on modding your Jeep?

    You’ll never get it back in resale or trade in, so what does it matter? If you want to modify something and can afford it, go for it. if you can’t, either wait or dream,
  15. Side vent and custom decals

    Much better to me!!
  16. Side vent and custom decals

    Since it says JL, I would have made the grill a JL with the first and last of the slots slightly indented for the headlights. The grill says JK to me.
  17. Passenger side carpet removal

    Just add the smell of bacon and dog hair and you’ll have the classic Jeep smell.
  18. What does the first dial next to the headlight switch do?

    Look at the graphics. It’s obvious it controls sunrise/ sunset times.
  19. Don’t be this guy...

    Harley had this problem on some of the Tri-Glide trikes a few years ago. They blamed it on the aluminum wheels not holding torque as well and advised retorqueing every 8-900 miles.