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  1. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    some people say the 8spd with handle the 37s on the street no problem. ive seen people take them off road like that as well; its just more difficult to climb over obstacles. 35s with stock gears is no issue at all. plenty of get up and go still. you can get a tazer for either tire to change...
  2. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Here is the same Sport with the same wheel/tire package but added Rubicon suspension and Rough Country spacer lift. The ride is great with this set up. No issues and easy install. And cheap! Lol
  3. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Here is a bone stock Sport on 35” Patagonias. he drove around like this for about a week till i had time to install his suspension. zero issues on the street. offroad, the tires would hit the fenders for sure.
  4. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    35s will fit a stock sahara/sport but dont disconnect the sway bars lol. if you dont plan to do any serious offroading than 37s will be fine. especially if just a pavement pounder. i would recommend getting a rubicon suspension in addition to RC spacer lift. we've put this on a few Sports and...
  5. DIY Gear installation attempt 02/27

    ask him if you can post his contact info here on the forum for so cal peeps considering the gear swap. it is definitely worth the upgrade! im averaging 19mpg on the highway right now on 35s with 4.88s and i already know its going to crawl over stuff soooo much easier since we took Zeebo's jeep...
  6. Rowher saturday Feb 5

    heading up there in a few with the family and dog. hopefully we can get another group together again. soon.
  7. Tailgate Sag with 37s

    Subbing. Interested as well
  8. Chrome ring around Jeep logo on steering wheel flaking

    just picked the jeep up from the dealer. they said they hadnt seen it before either. they had a new airbag in stock so they replaced it.
  9. Service Rip Off? Yes in my opnoin what do you think:-)

    if you offroad the jeep you should do it sooner than that. depends on how much you put the jeep through. i have lsd and am on 35s and take it to moderate trails frequently. i finally changed my diff oil at 16k and it was BLACK. going to change it much more frequently now.
  10. Why was this JL only forum developed?

    or even better, a SAHARA! :jk:
  11. Why was this JL only forum developed?

    i thought JLs suck because theyre just raised up Fiat 500s
  12. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    you live in NYC? you have to get the Godfather horn!
  13. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    are you referring to British pounds? I have a 4x6 utility trailer i bought at lowes. It weighs 300lbs. The 4x8 version is 325lbs. and maybe its just a socal thing but our drywall comes in 4x8 sheets, just like plywood and if they weighed 100lbs there’d be no way id be able to carry a sheet by...
  14. No Jeep waves here :(

    While visiting NYC i noticed tons of drivers giving each other the one finger wave including cops :LOL:
  15. Why not have 2 sets wheels/tires? Daily drivers and off-road?

    yeah its expensive to have $2k+ laying around being used every now and then lol. It would make more sense if you drive your jeep a LOT (commuter). Wouldnt want to waste $1500 in MTs on commuting. Like hipo tires, the first few thousand miles are where the tire really performs. Wouldnt want to...
  16. Azusa Canyon OHV

    It has to be open. It was open last summer. We drove over there and it was SOO packed the line went all the way to major blvd and they had to close the gates and say no more people allowed inside. Many of which were not even 4x4s and not even trucks/suvs lol.
  17. Using local 4x4 shop. Not doing what they said. Advice

    Im being a bit facetious but man people complain about the littleist things. From the title of this thread you would think that the shop promised to hand torque everything to spec and use only the finest synthetic fluids and grease on everything and is now refusing to do so. Instead its, “it was...
  18. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    i was raised on the 101 uses of duct tape for a car
  19. Mods and Warranties

    i could totally see that as well lol. I guess i could swap the stock suspension back on before i take it but then they’ll probably say the vibration from the muffler delete or the difference in air flow from switching to rubicon fenders or the airflow from the mesh top lol. Or not paying extra...