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  1. Backspacing

    It’ll be fine. No rubbing on anything.
  2. Anyone know how to remove spare tire studs?

    Another issue I ran into with this is that you may not be able to remove the 2 nuts from the stud after you remove it. They’ll likely be locked together so tight that getting them apart is impossible or infeasible. I’d suggest ordering the stud/nut kit from Teraflex beforehand so it’ll be...
  3. New trails added!

    No, that’s not it. There’s more area of Texas that’s not flat than there is in all of Colorado (albeit not nearly as high). The issue is that almost none of it is public land. The places to wheel are in central, north, and west Texas but they’re all privately owned land that you have to pay...
  4. Anyone know how to remove spare tire studs?

    It’s easy to round off the nuts when applying a lot of force. The nut size/thread pitch isn’t common. If you need a couple PM me.
  5. Anyone know how to remove spare tire studs?

    I’ve had to remove them. They are a real bitch to get off of there. Use a solvent like acetone or PB Blaster, a lot of heat, and a lot of leverage. Soak the threads liberally as much as possible. At least overnight. Then heat the base area around the stud. A lot. Then you have to put 2...
  6. Drive Shaft Upgrade? JLUR w/ 3.5" Lift

    If you install a lift/shocks with good articulation, even a 2.5” lift will require drive shaft replacement.
  7. JL tire recalibration. tazer help!

    You can’t use someone else’s Tazer once, it must be married to only one vehicle. Buy one or live with the low tire alerts and inaccurate speedometer.
  8. What's Exactly Included in the Trailer Tow/HD Electrical Group?

    You have everything listed. No difference in suspension.
  9. Man hold up - 6 Wheel Rubicon

    Should have bought a Rubi... never mind. :(
  10. New trails added!

    A number of us did. I wish that they’d added individual trails instead of the park as a whole. I nominated North Pole, Baby Back, and one or two more that I don’t recall offhand.
  11. Tazer un-marry for steering box

    Definitely unmarry and reinstall it afterwards.
  12. Recommend me a torque wrench

    My only complaint about the Tekton torque wrench is that the lock nut tends to not stay snug. But I’ve had this issue on various brands. If I need to use it on one setting for a number of fasteners I torque the lock nut down a little bit with a screwdriver through the hole.
  13. Oil Change...debacle

    The repeated arguments on EVERY automotive forum I’ve ever been a part of that “If you want it done right, DIY/If you don’t DIY this is what you should expect/Dealership service always sucks, you should have expected this” is both dumb and counterproductive. For numerous good reasons some...
  14. Recommend me a torque wrench

    Actually, I’ve got several that work perfectly that I don’t ever use because I’m a tool whore and have purchased multiples. If you’re interested in a used one, I can donate one for just the cost of mailing it to you. I might be able to give you a couple, I need to check. Probably Craftsman or HF.
  15. Recommend me a torque wrench

    Better than my HF and Craftsman ones.
  16. Recommend me a torque wrench

    All the torque wrenches you’ll ever need.
  17. 3.5 Metalcloak front driveshaft measurement?

    From the installation instructions.
  18. How long can I comfortably run my new Jeep in run or accessories mode?

    It cuts off after 10 minutes after the engine is turned off. Is that what you’re asking?
  19. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    Dunning-Kruger in full effect.