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  1. Has anyone seen Half Doors in real photos / in person?

    I wonder why Jeep didn't design these door uppers as sliders. Guessing it because of side impact (aka legal exposure) issues. Sliders are much more convenient.
  2. When to wax?

    This stuff is pretty good. Easy to apply. It's been six months and water still beads.
  3. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Thanks @Rhinebeck01 Is there a gap between the door surround and the sports bar? My short wife has grab handles strapped to the sports bars that she uses to climb in and out of the Jeep. (She thinks the A-pillar handles are awkwardly positioned.)
  4. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Question for 2-door owners... Is there a lot of wind turbulence inside the cabin when the sunrider is open since there is no place for the air to exit at the rear?
  5. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Great free mod. Increases outward visibility...
  6. Who else daily drives a beater??

    We buy new but keep our vehicles as long as we can. I figure for every car I don't buy in my lifetime, I get closer to early retirement! We currently have: 2019 Jeep 2-dr 2007 Honda Civic (purchased in 2006) 2002 Honda Odyssey (purchased in 2001) The minivan is mostly used for trips to Home...
  7. LED Lights and the cold.

    It is a real concern since LEDs don't give off much heat. Jeep headlights sit in a large cavity and it's easy for snow/ice to accumulate in this area. The headlights on most other vehicles are flush with the body and follow the the natural aerodynamics of the car so ice buildup is not as big a deal.
  8. Best looking and coverage door sills?

    I like them. No issues after 2 years of use.
  9. Your favorite mod under $200

    Heat the sticker with a hairdryer. Pick a corner and peel slowly at 180 deg. Keep applying heat. The vinyl material on the visor will pull up somewhat with the sticker. Don't worry, it will reset quickly. (The visor may look like its made from a solid piece of plastic, but there is a vinyl cover...
  10. What is your best/favorite mod for under $20

    I have this and the bottom divider. These guys are the original inventors. It's a shame that there are so many Chinese knockoffs.
  11. Your favorite mod under $200

    The residue is not sticky and I honestly don't notice it any more. And I'm pretty OCD about this stuff. Way better than the nanny-sticker.
  12. Your favorite mod under $200

    My favorite mod... and it was FREE!
  13. Seemingly Obsessed with Wranglers - But Have Never Owned One... Help!!

    I'm sure one of the reasons that you've been successful is that you manage your money well. I bought a 2-door Sport and it's all I need to be happy. But my friends thought I was crazy too!
  14. Seemingly Obsessed with Wranglers - But Have Never Owned One... Help!!

    @chris87114 My wife and I are empty-nesters. Wife: You should buy a mid-life crisis car. Me: Ok. Wife: What will you buy? A 911? Me: A 2-door Jeep Wrangler. I've wanted a Jeep since I carpooled (30 years ago) with a buddy who owned a CJ. Sometimes life/kids take you in another direction...
  15. Debadging Problem

    My Trail Rated badge is crooked and my OCD is in overdrive. Do you think I can heat it with a hairdryer and "shift" it back into place? Any other suggestion? Thanks!
  16. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    I went through Tom also. Best price for Mopar Maximum Care plans.
  17. Reliability of aftermarket LED headlight bulbs (Beamtech)?

    I had the Beamtech bulbs for two years. No problems. Much brighter than the stock halogens. I swapped out the headlights last year because I wanted headlights w/DRLs, not because of any issues with the Beamtechs.
  18. Little Gap between the Seats that Leads to Another Universe

    Thanks for the feedback. I have some foam pipe insulation in my garage. I'm going to try it now.