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  1. Noise From Dash

    Windshield seal. Dealer fixed it, said windshield was 1/4 inch out of where it should've been seated. You can verify by putting masking tape around frame of glass and see if it goes away
  2. Jeep Market Research Survey: Off-Road Turn Assist and 4-wheel Steering

    So does this mean we can get rear death wobble now, too? Nice! My hope would be that the rear steering would drift/pull opposite the way the front does... Maybe cancel it out and it will drive straight!
  3. 😡 2020 JLUR Hardtop Defect (CRACKED @ 1,250 MILES) Jeep Dealer & Jeep Cares Refuses to Warranty it!

    Ive had the rhino rack with a 130lb rtt on top for nearly 10k miles. I take it on some rough trails and wash board roads at high speeds. No issues. Could be a fluke with the OPs or maybe not a clean drill hole causing the weak spot. Hard to say, but I just wanted to add my experience with the...
  4. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    This is 100% true! CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News just confirmed it!
  5. Does your jeep do THIS in park?

    Keep me posted if they figure out what causes it and if there is a fix.
  6. Does your jeep do THIS in park?

    Nope, still does it. Dealer said they couldn't replicate problem. Such garbage! It never DOESNT do it. So it's such a pain to take it in, I just deal with it for now. I also have issues with the temp control not making any difference until I go all the way up or all the way down before the...
  7. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    So the only option is support yeti or buy foreign? I don't think so. I own a fridge anyway (maybe I don't support ICE! Ohhhh) And BTW, those who try to demonize the NRA like its just some room of 5 sinister villains plotting to eat childern must not realize it's the gun owners who ARE the NRA...
  8. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    They just happened to end the discount at the same time many companies were cutting ties with the nra due to the parkland shooting and there were some groups threatening boycotts of any companies with "ties" to the nra. Oh im sure the timing was Completely coincidental! Anyway, not trying to...
  9. On hell of a rig..!

    I found the human equivalent of that jeep
  10. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I used to use a lifetime. Yeti isn't true to size. I just bought a dometic cfx3 55im. I never thought I'd "need" a fridge. Same size as the lifetime 55, BUT, since you dont need ice, lots more room! I can't get over the convenience of it. No reaching into ice to get something down at the...
  11. On hell of a rig..!

    Who let that out of Miami?
  12. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    I dont recall having those. I only took out the three grille pieces and put in the jt ones. I didn't take out the bezels beyond the three pieces I swapped out. Mine is a 2019 JLUR.
  13. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    What small pieces. Picture?
  14. Noise From Dash

    Yes! I have that too. I believe it's related to the annoying hydraulic electric steering box, which also makes annoying whining noise when steering. Junk in my opinion
  15. Rubicons Mis-aligned ?

    Yeah, I guess I just lucked out. I'm still not thrilled with the feel of it. Still makes me mad that my JK and TJ never had a problem driving straight, but they decide to introduce some newfangled steering box now that has sporadic issues and sounds ridiculous.
  16. Rubicons Mis-aligned ?

    Isn't it sad you have to spend more money and buy after market parts to get a stock jeep from the factory to drive straight? The good news is, the bronco will be out in a year and maybe jeep will have to bring its standards up a bit with some competition. They really didn't have this before...
  17. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    Will the v8 cause my visors break even faster than they already do? Or cause my jeep to wander more than it already does? Nah, I'm sure the hemi fixes all of that. Ok, ill quit my griping. I do agree with a previous post I wish they would nail down better quality control and fix things like...
  18. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    Just one question, why test a hemi v8 on a wrangler in one of the flattest states in the US?
  19. Right pull

    Yeah well I didn't realize that this thread, which I have had lots of involvement with due to my jlur having right pull, didn't concern me. I've had dw on my TJ and this garbage steering setup on the JL is just that. Garbage. My JK steered great and didn't whine like these new ones do. I...
  20. Right pull

    I wonder if Ford bronco owners will have multiple threads on their forums about just getting the vehicle to drive straight. Such a simple thing - you would think.