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  1. Real World Towing Capacity?

    Some random towing things to think about. The listed frontal area is 25 sq'. That means if your camper is only 6' wide it can be a little over 4' high. Also the Jeep hitch is a Class 2. You shouldn't use a WDH on a Class 2 receiver. It's almost impossible to pull out of a violent trailer...
  2. Towing Heavy Trailer with JLUR?

    The stability of the tow vehicle is directly proportional to the wheelbase of the TV. JLs and JLUs are all short wheelbase compared to your average crewcab. They are going to react quickly to any sway from the trailer. Remember all those threads about "Jeep wanders"? It's only going to get...
  3. 2018 Rubicon unlimited lift and tires question.

    I went through the same dilemma with my '18. After doing my research and checking with my pocketbook I went with a RC 2" spacer lift and a set of 315 KO2s. The added cost of going with 37s just kept going with new rims and possibly a gear change. I'm happy with the result.
  4. 2018 jeep rubicon

    I have a 2018 with 35s and went with a 2" Rough Country spacer lift. I went that route mostly due to cost. The ride is still good and I've no complaints. I had a local shop do the install. The total cost was about $600.
  5. Beginner’s Question About Towing/Winching

    Whoa back there. Transfer in neutral and transmission in PARK! On the only occasion I've winched, Jeep in drive and help the winch. Only needed to go a couple of feet. Took longer to re-spool the rope.
  6. Direct pickup from Rockhard?

    They are nice guys, why not give them a call and ask?
  7. Is this a decent deal?

    Replacing the batteries will cost you about $1000. That's about the price to do a DIY install of a Genesis system. The two batteries at the dealer are about $250 each and plan on at least 3 hours labor. I think they go from the top down rather than thru the fender. $1000 for a system that...
  8. Mopar Maximum Care - In Service Date?

    Not to mention the 5yr/60,000 factory powertrain. You are mostly covering a few electronic things that are not involved with the powertrain.
  9. Tire load rating - E rated tires?

    I'm running the 315 KO2s with a C rating. Air down to 12-15# in the rocks and sand. Don't see a really good reason to go with E rated unless you can't find a C tire you like.
  10. How To Put Disabled Jeep in Neutral

    "I was attempting this but I couldn't find the neutral zone. I must have just given up too early." Sometimes it helps if you can gently rock the Jeep back and forth just a bit. Both times the Jeeps that failed had a lot of 4Lo time on them. The shift gets easier if you use it a lot.
  11. How To Put Disabled Jeep in Neutral

    When mine had to be towed I just left it in park and forced the T-case into neutral. Wasn't that hard to slide it in there. Did the same thing when a friends Jeep went TU 30 miles into the desert. Left it in park and T-case into neutral and hook the strap up. My problem was a dead baby...
  12. Rear power hook ups for Compressor

    If you want to use Aux 1 or 2 you can just run an 8 gauge wire from the passenger footwell to the back by tucking it under the edge of the trim. Remove the trim piece at the curve on the passenger door and you will find a ground stud you can use for the ground. You can fish the wires out thru...
  13. What is this?

    You've got an old Jeep wagon. Early 50s would be my guess. I've owned two of them. Slow, loud and fun. The W is for Willys. Three levers on the floor, Hi-LO, 2wd-4wd, and the three speed. Patina is great, how's the rust? Most likely a flathead 6 under the hood. As I remember the 4 was...
  14. So I saw this on the way home.

    I had a couple of those as well. One had a spring over with a Ford V-8. Actually ran pretty well but didn't pass too many gas stations. The other one was the flathead 6. Pretty loud at 50 mph. Ran it for about 6 months before I checked the tranny gear lube and it was empty. Thought it...
  15. I will be towing with the 2D help me

    You can vary the ball height by using a drop/raise receiver insert to get the trailer level. I'd strongly recommend getting out the bathroom scale to make sure you have 150# at the tongue. If it doesn't track straight, add more hitch weight. Add airbags if needed to level out your Jeep. Do...
  16. Sahara automatic, front locker install options

    Before you spend a lot of money on a front locker, I'd recommend a good compressor. I'd never aired down before until we go to Arizona. I was amazed to find out how much difference that made in loose stuff. You won't be rock crawling with low clearance. I really doubt you would ever need a...
  17. Kudos to Dominion Off Road

    I installed one of Dominions JLU jack mounts years ago. Hundreds of miles of gravel/rock since then resulted in a break on one of the mounts. I emailed them to see what the solution was and got an email back within 24 hours saying it was lifetime warrantied and asking for my shipping address...
  18. Customer Service @ Z auto

    Joe, I'm pretty dense in the technology area. Let me see if I have this. I've had two axle failures on my JL due to the sensor. Both covered under warranty which is about to expire. Next time I get a service axle locker system on the dash all I need to do is plug in your thingy and all is...
  19. Lug Nuts recommendations?

    Thanks guys. Looks like I'll go with the Gorilla brand in a non-splined version. Trust me, no one would want my beat up wheels and tires. Besides, I'm too good at loosing the damn adapter. Not fun with a torn out sidewall way back there.