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  1. Arb install.

    Thanks. so far, so good. No rubbing issues and 1” of clearance from the battery and fuse box in its final position. I’m only using this for tire inflation, so the hood will always be open in use. I do have the jlur hood vents cut open, so that will also keep the heat down overall.
  2. Arb install.

    I found an easy place to mount my arb single under the hood. Right now it’s only a two point mount, but I’m working on the the others. With indexing the compressor, it all fits under the hood and is right near the wiring and battery. I’m using the #4 button to activate the compressor. there is...
  3. Side mirror glass, drivers side.

    My Jeep was struck by a semi mud flap today. It knocked the mirror out of the driver side housing. I ordered the mirror from Jeep, but does anyone know if more than just the mirror is missing?
  4. TazerJL Feature Requests

    I’d like the sway bar disconnect to operate above 30mph. I’d prefer no limit, but at least make it more realistic like 60 mph.
  5. Tazer JL Mini Firmware Update 11.1.0-041219d0

    Unmarried, remarried and seems okay again. I love the features of the Tazer but it is fickle.
  6. Tazer JL Mini Firmware Update 11.1.0-041219d0

    I just updated to 11.0.9, or 11.1.0, or whatever it is. It did correct my led front turn out warning and hyper flash that I got with my Artec kit. I’m now getting a service 4wd light on dash. I did two full reboots, any ideas?
  7. Tazer JL Mini Firmware Update 11.1.0-041219d0

    I found this....
  8. What is the top speed?

    JLUR, stock gears on 37’s, 103mph. In Mexico, on a closed course.
  9. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    My stereo has not had this problem until this update, so most likely it is the update. ESS randomly comes back on, despite being turned off. I did follow the listed procedure for the upgrade, two separate times. I really enjoy the functions that the Tazer offers, but these glitches are unfortunate.
  10. Tazer JL firmware 11.0.8 posted! 3/6/19

    I installed 11.0.8 and my stereo/display reboots 1-2 a day randomly and ESS function fails to remain shut off periodically.
  11. Tazer JL 11.07 LAST CALL - LAST CALL !!

    I just updated from 11.07E to J. I notice that I need to stop for swaykill to work now, previously it disconnected at speed. Happily, I no longer get a led front turns out message. I have the oem led package and the Artec fender kit- 11.07J seemingly has eliminated the warning I’d get on every...
  12. 37’s no lift JLUR

    It’s a personal choice... My 1999 TJ with a 2” lift and 35” tires went all over The place back in the day. It’s all about having fun
  13. 37’s no lift JLUR

    37” BFG AT, no lift.
  14. Back camera is now fish eye?

    2018 JLUR oem LED lighting and Tazer. My back up camera has gone fish eye on me. Rebooted the system, checked settings, all seems well otherwise. I had just installed led plate lights when this started. I disconnected them to see if it reversed the issue, but it has not. Has anyone else...
  15. Free third brake light relocation

    No cost 3rd light relocation for stock tire carrier. Just unbolt it all and separate the oem light. Use 3m 50lb tape to attach to the top of the carrier and done. Easy 15 minute job and it takes 1.4 pounds off the tailgate as well.
  16. LED Fender lights, what are all the extra wires for??

    I don’t have my stock parts any longer, maybe someone can test the bg/bn fault sense wire voltage? If the fault sense wire can be supplied with the proper voltage, it may fix this issue.
  17. LED Fender lights, what are all the extra wires for??

    Anything new on resolving this?
  18. 1.5" BORA wheel spacers

    Would you consider $160 shipped to 91360?
  19. Can you use the Freedom tops with the Hard top removed?

    Yes, it works quite well.
  20. JL OEM Steel Bumper