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  1. Where to find headlight/grille inserts for JL Sport?

    There are no inserts for the Sport grill. The Sport grill is different from the Sahara/Rubicon grill but they are interchangeable. Sport grill is one piece whereas the Sahara/Rubicon grill is like 5 pieces [I believe]. The silver/gray insert piece, the main body colored piece, and three body...
  2. Drivers seat popping

    I removed my driver's seat and checked the bolts over the weekend. Very slight movement on one bolt for the seat bottom to the frame. Put the seat back in, torqued the bolts down and I have not heard any noise yet. Have to wait, possibly a few months, to determine if this lasts or not.
  3. Other Chrysler key fobs for JL?

    Probably no/very little information out there on this topic, but I really doubt that any car company would make the key system unique to one vehicle. The exterior design of the key fob might be unique, but how it operates should be the same. The key fobs cost $?? to buy and then $?? for the...
  4. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Mine comes from the green area only
  5. Rubicon width compared to standard models?

    I would love to see a useful measurement difference between a Rubicon and Sahara/Sport. According to Jeep's specs on the axles, the Rubicon should have a 1.5" wider track but the vehicle spec sheets show the same values regardless of the trim level selected
  6. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Someone would have to take the risk and try it out before we would know for sure if it works like the 8.4"/7" screen upgrade [plug-in-play] or if you need to program the ECU for the new sensors.
  7. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    You might need to tell the ECU that the proximity sensors are there by going to the dealer so they can load the program. That would be expensive, I am sure. But that would have nothing to do with the key fob.
  8. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    The link is already their for the push button start. Proximity entry and push button start are the same thing as far as the key fob and car are concerned. The reason proximity entry does not work is because you do not have the sensors in the car doors. If you purchased the Jeep with the...
  9. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Nope. The same technology is used for the pushbutton start, so the key fob is ready to go.
  10. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    It would be funny if this is the "after purchase" price tag for a $495 factory option at the time of purchase.
  11. Calibration procedure for compass?

    I do not see anything in the JL manuals either. :( I know in every vehicle I have ever owned that had a compass [except the JL] there was a way to define the "zone" you were in and driving in a circle performed a calibration on the compass. Never owned a JK, but their manual says to do this. Of...
  12. Anyone heard of or used these agency6 L-SHAPED ROOF LOCKS?

    Sometimes parts cost more than what you think due to several factors associated with the material selection and the manufacturing process. These just seem overpriced. They look cool, I like the way they look. I am sure they feel good, also.
  13. JL Radio/HVAC issues

    How about you driving a service manager around and show him or take video of the problem and show them. And 200-400 miles is absolutely insane. Speak to the manager and have them give you some gas cards or something.
  14. Anyone heard of or used these agency6 L-SHAPED ROOF LOCKS?

    They replace the stock black plastic ones, ... for $200.
  15. Radio volume fluctuating

    Only the 8.4" has HD radio. This is happening on 7" it seems
  16. I just bought these roof locks

    WOW!!! $200 is WAY more than I would ever spend on those. Not putting anybody down if the buy them because they do look cool, I guess if you have the money to burn. If I wanted a different color lock handle I would just paint the stock ones for a few bucks and call if good.
  17. Who has had their JL in the service department the longest?

    38 business days since purchase back in April
  18. Has anyone with a faulty Jeep been offered a buyback from FCA?

    I was told by the local FCA rep for my buy back request that he has people with legitimate problems and there really isn't any reason to keep talking about it.
  19. Jebjkey