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  1. Right pull

    I have stock rims (skinny) and keep tire pressure at 27psi-ish. The MXT Mud tires are fairly light for their size. I think it rides well. Doesn’t track great. But, it’s way better than my CJ7 was on 35s. I’m still happy with my decision and won’t be looking to make a change until the tires...
  2. Right pull

    Mine are 12.5”. I absolutely expect it to wear “stuff” faster than stock sized tires. I’ve been 4 wheeling a fair amount and haven’t broken anything and nothing to fix due to wear after almost 2 years. ... the price you pay for better off-road performance and the cool factor.
  3. Right pull

    Thanks. Was taken care of a while ago. Long story short: Dealership’s alignment machine was Out-of-Service. I found that out after two attempts of them “aligning” the jeep that didn’t take. I was sent to a sister dealership, with a working machine and a former “jeep guy”. (To their credit, on...
  4. 3.6L with 6 speed MT has uneven power band

    I’ve never driven a manual transmission, anything, that had an even power-band. I have 37s and stock Rubi gears. Sluggish below 2k rpm. Revs very quick after that. Surprisingly quick for a 6 cyl jeep. Gutless below 1500 rpm. If What you’re describing is.. In second gear taking a turn at...
  5. 37” Mastercraft Courser MXT reviews

    I have the MXTs, my buddy has the STT pros.... They look very similar. Both perform great off road. My MXTs are great. No complaints, even in winter weather. As far as I know, my buddy is very happy with his STTs. I bought the MXTs over the STTs because of weight and price. Almost 10K...
  6. Roam pioneer aluminum bumper installed

    :CWL: Wish I knew. Still waiting on the tire carrier but after seeing the continual improvements and quality that roam is putting out, we’re all going to be happy we waited! Brett That’s what, my man, Anthony told me last week.... “two months.” And for the comment above; referencing...
  7. Roam pioneer aluminum bumper installed

    Not for at least another 2 months :/
  8. Rugged Ridge JL Wrangler Products & Build [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    I was told from RR that it will fit the non LED stock fog lights. Sport, Sahara or Rubicon.
  9. Are rubicon axels interchangeable with sahara axels?

    No worries, your jeep and your pocket book. But, a leather dash and painted fenders are cheap and easy to replace on a Rubicon as compared to replacing axles on a Sahara. Either way, I’d just put the lift and tires on your Sahara. Wheel the hell out of it and if you break something, replace...
  10. Are rubicon axels interchangeable with sahara axels?

    Trade it in for a Rubicon. It’ll save you a pile of cash, headache and you will still be under warranty.
  11. Idaho Jeep Check-In

    If you’re ever down here let me know.
  12. Rough Country 2.5" spacer lift question????

    Yes, Bora 1.5”. Did not have to cut lugs.
  13. Rough Country 2.5" spacer lift question????

    Nope. Not required. It’s drives great for having 37s. Just don’t expect it to be exactly like stock. Lifting any vehicle & adding massive tires is going to reduce on-road performance. I recommend you go to the local dealership and/or local Offroad shop and ask if you can drive one of...
  14. Rough Country 2.5" spacer lift question????

    37s. And no, there is some difference in the ride. But, it’s super minor. I think the suspension is slightly stiffer. The lift had very little difference. However, the 37s are noticeable. Wouldn’t change a thing, though.
  15. Driving in deep sand - 19 Sahara 6mt with LSD

    It’s not apples to apples. But, I have a Rubicon on 37s with stock 4:10 gears (6 speed). And, i had a fair amount of off road time with an old CJ7 on 35s. In 4h, before the the 37s, it took a lot of clutch work to get started on steep hills or playing in washes. With the 37s, 4H is...
  16. Idaho Jeep Check-In

    And it was awesome!