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  1. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Manual transmission does fine, pepper than my old 2014 jku hard rock, even when pulling a small camper. I'm running stock everything, including wheels and tire carrier, except moved over my existing 3/4 tread left pro comp mt xtreme 315/70/17 tires. Did not have dealer program yet, will before...

    I was going to flip it and quash my OCD into ignoring the upside down JL. but had a bit of an email argument with the sales guy. I emailed days ahead of purchase to verify fitment, was assured it was good. tonight, when I confirmed it doesn't fit as he insisted, he copped an attitude and claimed...
  3. Cool Tech's CB Antenna Kit for JL Wrangler - Available Now

    FYI - the cooltech mount DOES NOT FIT if your spare is a 35 on a stock wheel using an adjusted stock carrier with no additional spacing.

    to be clear, the cooltech mount DOES NOT FIT if your spare is a 35 on a stock wheel using an adjusted stock carrier with no additional spacing.
  5. Turn off halos when parked?

    sounds like our dealer service guy lied to me about availability of aftermarket programmers. I'll check out this Tazer thingy soon, thanks!
  6. Turn headlights off = Blinded by instrument panel??

    LOL so when the rain is light enough even the slowest wiper setting is too fast, manually activating the wipers will or will not turn on the lights?
  7. Turn headlights off = Blinded by instrument panel??

    hope all you auto-lights people are diligent about manually/actively turning lights ON when raining or when visibility is challenging but not yet dark enough for the sensors to activate lights.
  8. Turn off halos when parked?

    it assumes if you don't need headlights, it must be daylight so it makes the dash daylight bright :/
  9. Problem when removing doors

    this thread is amazing, totally makes me smile!!! after 3 yrs in a jku and free swinging doors, my knees cannot handle the new door constantly being in the way because it didn't open! LOL what is the long-term downside of making these stupid things recess out of the way?
  10. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    The PA code is an inspection code not an operating code. It should only apply to PA registered vehicles. The code also specifies something about "manufactured with a roof"..... jeep tops are accessories, not manufactured as part of the vehicle.
  11. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    LOL yes! when picking up a few things in a naked jeep, absolutely I already tied a couple of the lightweight bags onto one of the tie down points. when offroading, everything gets tied down. otherwise it slides around, gets destroyed, destroys the jeep, and lunch/drinks end up ON the trail...
  12. Hard shift into 4H

    picked up my JLUR Saturday, ran some stock-level rock trails on Sunday (Chaos Offroad in WV). FYI - I am female. managed to shift 2H to 4H but could not get it into 4L. hate that I had to ask one of the guys to do it. it was a bitch getting it back to 4H then 2H. the owner's manual "strongly...
  13. JL Bikini Tops?

    rampage is saying it is not available until estimated end of September. how did you order it? and what exactly did you order?
  14. JL Bikini Tops?

    I couldn't find the product on the rampage site so submitted a "contact us" form. them promptly emailed back: We have this part in production with an estimated ship date on 9/28/18. Since it has not been released yet, we do not have the final installation instructions available. There are 3...
  15. JL Bikini Tops?

    I absolutely did that with my jku. this new jlu ... the top is super tight, very little give/flex to cinch it down any more, it already sits just below the backup light ... which sits barely above the 35" spare LOL. I've always got Velcro straps with me, I'll fidget with it again before leaving...
  16. JL Bikini Tops?

    I like that!
  17. JL Bikini Tops?

    agreed. just means I leave the side windows in if it has to be on and up.
  18. JL Bikini Tops?

    the JLU soft top IS a safari top. while I love have a soft top, I really dislike the safari look so I'll leave the side windows in if the top has to be on and up :(
  19. JL Bikini Tops?

    a bikini top keeps most of the rain off the dash and minimizes how soaked the seats get (bartact seat covers certainly lessen the worry and hassle of wet seats). as long as we don't have to drop the windshield, a bikini goes on fairly quickly. it is much lower profile than a full soft top. no...