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  1. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    lol, savage.
  2. Housing Market

    i have heard about investment companies buying up homes but never seen any evidence of it. Logic doesn’t make sense to me since they would be buying at a historically high price when you generally want to buy low.
  3. Housing Market

    A friend of ours is a realtor who said one of the reasons inventory is so low is because people are afraid to list their house and sell in 24 hours and not be able to find another place just as quickly.
  4. Housing Market

    Hi Don, yes, it is miserable and honestly don't see an end to this anytime soon. At this point we're in just wait-and-see mode because not just are some of the prices more than we are willing to pay for, we are also not willing to give up inspections, appraisals and the other stuff buyers are...
  5. Housing Market

    Yea it's nuts, in addition to waiving appraisals and mortgage contingencies. Bonkers.
  6. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Definitely. There's only one way that review was going to go and no one should have really expected otherwise. Pretty cool to have enough pull to get a crack at one, however.
  7. Housing Market

    That's what i imagine as well, but then i heard recently of a new proposed "program" where lenders have to offer borrowers coming out of forbearance a lower interest rate, or longer loan term so that they can stay in their current home. I forget specifics on this program, but if passed it would...
  8. Housing Market

    Everyone's local housing market as ridiculous as mine? I'm in CT and been looking for a house the past 6+ months but not just is inventory low, they are overpriced and a lot get snatched up in a matter of hours with multiple offers well above asking price. A realtor posted in the town's facebook...
  9. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Agree, as i am part of that 90% that will (likely) never put the Rubicon to its limit. If the Bronco was available at the time i bought the JL i definitely would have cross shopped it (also helps the Ford and Jeep dealers are next door to each other in my town) and who knows which one i would...
  10. This cracks me up, because it's got an angry grille, duh!

    Unless he has fixed the issues the Jeep has, for him to be selling it without mentioning issues and accident history in the description is sleazy.
  11. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    The insecurity people have about it that makes them have to say "a real Jeep has 2 doors" is pretty entertaining.
  12. 2021 JLU Sport S

    Agree, those are really nice looking. Only $295 upgrade and look much better than the stock and than the $995 upgrade option ones. I have been very unimpressed with stock wheel options in the Wrangler for years but these ones are a hit.
  13. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    If you don’t have kids then the 2dr makes sense, but if you do then it really limits tje finctionality the 2dr and basically becomes a toy. Having 2 kids we pack beach chairs, cooler, beach toys, beach wagon, bag of clothes/towels, etc in the trunk the JLU without an issue. We went on a family...
  14. Best Dash Cam?

    did not hardwire nor did i get any accessories. I have the 1 channel camera (front only) and it was around $180 but blackvues can get very expensive. For what i wanted (small size, wifi, detachable, good quality) this ticked all the boxes.
  15. Best Dash Cam?

    I have the blackvue 590X and love it. Looks great / sleek / small size, can be easily detached and has built in wifi. Had a couple close calls over a 2 week span where some douchebags ran red lights. First time i would have gotten t-boned and the 2nd one was a little Fiat 500 that ran the red...
  16. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    One big positive for be in regards to the Bronco is that its doors are frameless out of the box so i don't have to spend $4K to get half doors for my JL and the color not even fully match the body. That said, i wouldn't trade in my JL to get a Bronco.
  17. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Someone probably got butt hurt about calling it a Prius. Imagine the uproar if the OP had initially said "saw my first Jeep douchebuggy". Someone contact the admins, i'm offended! This too funny.
  18. What were they thinking?

    I don't mind the regret threads because it helps new buyers give an idea of what people ordered they don't really use, or didn't order and wish they had. In my case i wish i had gotten the tow package, for example.
  19. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    So the title was changed from Prius to 4xe? Someone got offended? :CWL:
  20. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Good point. The 4xe is not just for current owners who want to trade their current Jeep for one, but i'm sure there are plenty of Greta's out there who may now jump at buying one.