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  1. So where is it lads?

    Pls bring ape masks so we can chimp out 2001 style
  2. So where is it lads?

    Let's gooo
  3. Picking a Wrangler...could use some help.

    Isn’t Sahara supposed to be best in snow? Selec-Trac or whatever
  4. TechAuthority - Need anything?

    Below those.. underneath a little bit. Really awkward to get under there with a light but you'll see them
  5. TechAuthority - Need anything?

    There are two screws at the bottom! This is key. Loosen those and it comes off/stays on. Fixed mine a long while back.
  6. Freaky blue plus symbols?

    Wtf are these symbols, anyone know? Zoom in and they disappear or scatter randomly... click one and it just routes to a random point.. this jeep is trolling me
  7. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Love it. Color is awesome, giving me hellaregret
  8. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    It can be great for lots of things, but it has this weird mass personality effect going on there, where so many users have this shit-eating, smug snarky way they seem to write, and he reminded me of it. Sort of like how he grouped me into some Porsche owners generalization for some reason. Could...
  9. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    Lol. Imagine my shock.
  10. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    Jesus, how much time do you spend on Reddit?
  11. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    I guess nobody ever drove quickly in the desert before Fox piggybacks
  12. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    -Easy enough to get sway bar quick disconnects. Oh, aftermarket upgrades? Sure. Apparently the 4.0:1 transfer case isn't the same either... Intradasting. Yes agreed, define "capable enough". Anything can be a torch if you light it on fire i.e. race at the hill/bounce down it aggressively enough...
  13. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    - no front lockers - no sway bar disconnect "more than capable enough on the rock crawling front. "
  14. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Well about an hour ago, for the first time since owning her I became “concerned” when reversing down a loose off-camber trail beside a gully, alone of course & running out of daylight.. as usual the photo flattens the grade into nothing.. ah well we lived
  15. Finally got me a Jeep Wrangler!

    congrats fella, nice 2 door hard top :clap: if your ceiling is high enough a hoist works well, and there is the painters scaffolding idea many have done (search for the thread), but I am not sure how easily it can be done solo... also there is the toplift pro which is pricey but nice, and a...