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  1. Repainted door hinges due to paint bubbling

    Just posted em They told me they took the hinges off and then painted the surface underneath it as well because it was all bare.
  2. Repainted door hinges due to paint bubbling

    For those who experienced the paint bubbling issue around the door hinges and got them repainted at a body shop. I'm curious if you are still able to see the T-50 imprint clearly on the hinges after getting them repainted? I brought in my Jeep to fix the paint and now the T-50 imprints look like...
  3. Bent soft top rod due to stuck locking mechanism

    I did it with the top up. It was pretty easy and straightforward to do.
  4. Bent soft top rod due to stuck locking mechanism

    This happened to me. Dealer refused to warranty it since it wasn't a manufacturing error. Instead of fighting with them, I ordered the part and replaced it myself. I was able to replace it with the soft top still on my Jeep.
  5. Alignment shop tech disconnected my dash-cam - what should I do?

    This also happened to me. For those who are thinking it's not a big deal - what if you pull out of the dealer's lot and get into an accident while the dash cam was not powered on? Dash cams are meant to save your ass in situations like this. I for sure would be hella pissed if I got into a...
  6. Tazer and Factory Software Updates for Jeep?

    Just found this from another thread: I guess I should be fine as long I don't unmarry the Tazer. Not that I plan to do so any time soon, anyways. Now I'm afraid to update the Tazer and possibly...
  7. Tazer and Factory Software Updates for Jeep?

    I've had a Tazer in my JLU for the past year and half, no issues with it or whatsoever. I was browsing the forums for steps on how to update the Tazer itself. I came across a post saying that I should unmarry the Tazer before bringing it to the dealer for any service. I did bring in my Jeep for...
  8. LED Headlights & Tail Lights turn on / off at the car wash

    It's normal. Happens on my JL and also happened on my Grand Cherokee when I was washing it.
  9. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    Chrysler called me out of the blue yesterday to bring my Jeep in to have this TSB performed. I brought in my Jeep about a year and half ago and my dealer insisted that there weren't any issues. I'm guessing there was some record of this that prompted Chrysler to call me. They asked if I still...
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Just got my Jeep back today for the 2nd time to fix the issues above. They only did the driver side even though the passenger's side is still sloppy with the 2 different colors. They even put too much paint in the T50 imprint on one of the hinges on the driver's door to the point where the...
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I feel the dealership will come up with excuses on why the colors won't match. One I could think of is the sun altering the color over time. Is it possible for the body color to change after being exposed to the sun in 2 years? Just want to be prepared to fight back if they say something like this.
  12. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I plan on bringing it back on Monday. I picked it up this past Tuesday which happened to be cloudy so the color difference wasn't that noticeable. The sun just makes it worse. As for the rear handle, it looked fine at first then when I went to open the door yesterday, it wouldn't open and the...
  13. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I just got my Jeep back after sending it in to fix the bubbles. They did a terrible job with painting and to top it off, they somehow broke the rear door handle... I’m torn on whether I should go back to the dealership I had it done at or go to a different one...
  14. New York FREE SHIPPING - Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket

    Only had this on my Jeep for a week before deciding to go a different route. $60 Retails for $80+tax Rochester, NY FREE SHIPPING.
  15. FOLDING WINDSHIELD DIY instructions write-up (with video)

    I have the ACC but never lowered the windshield. From what I see, the ACC module is not attached to the windshield. The two wires that you are seeing stays on and will go down with the windshield. Unless you missed another bolt, you may have to use some force to get the windshield down...
  16. Wiring harness for Adaptive Cruise Control

    Thanks! As for dropping the windshield down, I've never done it on my Jeep. However, I found a video on YouTube where a guy was able to do it on his Gladiator with the ACC. I'll share the video on that thread.
  17. Wiring harness for Adaptive Cruise Control

    Does anyone know the part number for the wire harness that connects to the Adaptive Cruise Control module behind the rearview mirror? I've been trying to search the mopar catalog but having a difficult time locating it. Thanks in advance!
  18. Rock chips Rubicon two-door. Need front mud flaps to fit Rubicon or other idea.

    I've never had the Weathertechs so I can't make the comparison. However I can say that the XL flaps that I got does a great job of blocking debris from hitting the fenders. I had issues with snow kicking up and building up on the rear fenders to the point where I couldn't open the back doors...