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  1. The Dummies Guide to JL Ordering Status

    I doubt mine was prebuilt. I chose many options on the Sahara platform but did NOT get leather or the 8.4 screen which seem to be found on every Sahara. My order came so fast and my business got pushed back a couple months so I passed on the build and will order a 19 which should come in when I...
  2. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Moab Edition - Official Specs and Pricing!

    Think they will extend Moab edition to 2019 since it was basically introduced after the 2018s were supposed to close?
  3. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    No that’s correct. The price is so close that unless you want selec trac you are getting more bang for the buck with the Rubicon. For me and had a Rubicon and it was badass but this time around the selec trac in Sahara and proximity key along with better interior and gas mileage the Sahara is...
  4. Driving Without Door Bolts?

    I had the bolts out of my JK from a few days after purchase until I sold it... my incoming JL will be the same. No need to have bolts in except it “may” prevent a CASUAL criminal from taking your doors on an unlocked Jeep. Even the nearly complete fools out there will bring a torx but if they...
  5. Confirmation of buid/order date for 2019 JL?

    Moab Sahara is a 2018 and available to order now. It is a “late availability” 2018. Basically the orders for 2018s were supposed to close September 19th but due to delays in sky one touch and 2.0 and i guess the Moab they released it after the 19th just extending the order banks for 2018s...
  6. invoice price of moab

    Sounds like he’s trying to pull one over on you. You want 5% off invoice. It’s like 9-10% off msrp. If your dealer won’t do it, there are others that will, walk out.
  7. Ordering....what to ask for.

    7%? That has to have some significant documentation fees added to it to get back to invoice minus holdback. That’s assuming there is incentive money from FCA (which there isn’t) and that you have like tread lightly/friends family/military. 7% is a dream if you don’t have some manufacturer money...
  8. Ordering....what to ask for.

    Yes 3.5-5% under invoice is the goal. Basically the best deal you can get is invoice price minus holdback. You will have to find a dealer that isn’t commission based as that means no commission for salesman. Will likely have to go to a big dealer to get I but totally doable.
  9. Motortrend says 2019 JL 'may' receive a new special-edition model

    Please no. That might be one of the few Jeeps produced in the last 11 years that was just so dang bad that 30 years from now it may actually be valuable in full stock trim and aesthetics/decals. Funny how the auto world works sometimes.
  10. Update: 2018-2019 JL Wrangler Timeline Schedule (2DR JL & 2.0L Delay, Powertop & Diesel Dates, Etc)

    I’m hearing October 17 or 19th for 2019 ordering, anyone able to confirm or deny this?
  11. 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Info - What's New (So Far)?

    Any updates on when order banks open? Previously reported 9/13 but that was when 2018 banks were supposed to close 7/19 and they are still open today.
  12. For the love of God - Please stop asking which model to buy!

    Horrific analogy. You do realize that humans are unique individuals and are not limited to a dozen or so options on 4 different models right? By making a “bitch” thread on the topic you are alienating potential new members of a club of “vehicle” people that still wave to each other on a daily...
  13. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    Agreed on the cleaning aspect but the sunshade is why the seats weren’t scalding. I ended up doing a spiderwebshade or a Bestop bikini yo get just enough cover to keep seats livable. I meant completely topless, no shades or covers at all.
  14. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    At 12k$ for the Moab package you are spending a sticker of roughly 53k, Well into Rubicon money for a Sahara that looks like a Rubicon. Awesome if money isn’t an issue. One issue I see with Moab package is the special leather seats. Anyone who’s got a leather wrangler and spends a good amount...
  15. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    You Sir are special. I’m in fact NOT defending the purchase of a Rubicon for the OPs used. Again I know it’s hard to follow but I USED TO own a Rubicon and realized I bought it for poser reasons and to be careful of making that kind of decision if you don’t plan on doing heavy wheeling. Dude...
  16. Update: 2018-2019 JL Wrangler Timeline Schedule (2DR JL & 2.0L Delay, Powertop & Diesel Dates, Etc)

    Bump on this info as it seems 2018 order banks still open more then 2 weeks past the cutoff posted. I abandoned my 2018 due to it being a marketing vehicle for my start up business that got pushed back to November opening so I will also be waiting. Are JT 2019 order banks still expected to...
  17. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    Yeah nothing at all to do with his question.... maybe reading comprehension isn’t your best quality but he asked what he should be thinking about between a Sahara and a Rubicon and I gave him my real life experience living one state away from him. I had a Rubicon and could have purchased a...
  18. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    IMO as a JKUR owner (previous) and a soon to be picked up JL Sahara you can guess what I say. Same requirements/uses as you except no boat but 2500lb loaded trailer. Northeast with heavy rains and winters. I think I disconnected sway bar and locked axles 2 times in 2 years, once just for fun to...
  19. Third row seat?

    I also contacted beartrax to inquire about side facing jump seat. Would buy a JK version if I could find it and fabricate mounting as needed.
  20. Rubicon Sold UAG Uconnect 7” with Bezel $350

    Also is the 8.4 plug and play? I have the 7” and toyed with idea to upgrade