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  1. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    Watching this thread with interest, I have the same sound but from the right side. I went underneath looking for anything loose, can't find anything loose or make it chirp unless it's moving/driving. My next step is to walk along side it with someone else driving and try to pinpoint the source.
  2. How much pitch & roll is too much?

    Loving all things cars, I go to a lot of car shows & did the "Camp Jeep" experience several times. On stock Jeeps (unbelievably all models from the Renegade to the Wrangler) they take you up and down a 35 degree pitch approach/departure 18' tall 'mountain', and a 25-30 degree wedge to...
  3. Tailgate Key Lock Missing

    So many revisions for the tailgate since production started... part numbers 68281561AA - AJ... 9 revisions! I wonder if the AJ version is without the lock cylinder... but typically the part diagram drawings don't change with each revision - they just keep using the original one. In any case...
  4. Tailgate Key Lock Missing

    Very interesting, I am always interested in production line changes and this is a funny one. I have a 2020 (8/19 build date), proximity locks, and it does have the manual lock on the tailgate.
  5. I don't get the Sahara

    I ordered my 2020 exactly the way I wanted it, and ended up with a Sahara. With what I wanted; 3.6 eTorque, Sky one-touch, nicer interior (stitching on doors, dash, console) and the 'leather' panels on the face of the dash, select-trac, better suspension & brakes, etc. - it was the only way to...
  6. 2020 Sahara with 3.6 and Tow Group question

    I have this build. Your guess is correct, you get the tow package minus the alternator. Super happy with the 3.6 BSG, very responsive from a stop even with 33” Rubi takeoff’s! I haven’t towed (just 4 bike tray style carrier), so can’t comment on towing performance. Enjoy!
  7. Sky Power Top removal question

    I would check out this thread and maybe reach out tot the op, they successfully installed it on a non power top model... should have all the info you need!
  8. Any 2020 Sahara's w/3.6 BSG built yet?

    I have the 3.6, running regular ‘top tier’ branded gas. Sorry to hear about your steering issues. I didn’t experience that on my three test drives or in my Jeep. I can only imagine the frustration and hope you get it resolved.
  9. Any 2020 Sahara's w/3.6 BSG built yet?

    When I was shopping, there were no 3.6 BSG’s in the wild yet. I drove the 2.0 BSG and 3.6 ESS back to back, and a 3.6 ESS again at another dealer. It was nearly 3 weeks from my last test drive to taking delivery - so certainly take my observation with a grain of salt, but my butt dyno tells me...
  10. Any 2020 Sahara's w/3.6 BSG built yet?

    Did you take delivery yet? I already posted in a different thread my experience with it, but here’s the summary - LOVE IT, no regrets on choice at all. Start/Stop is seamless, throttle response off the line is almost a tad too much, I needed to learn to lighten my foot on starting from a stop...
  11. Vacation Rental 2020 Sport

    Looks like a sport, not a Sahara. Road biased tires, softer suspension, and latest front suspension updates all contribute to the better road manners I’m sure.
  12. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    Unless it’s pouring, snowing or in the 30’s... it’s open partially or full.
  13. Confusion on Models/Trim Levels

    Between the link shared by toolman514 and the other posts, the trim differences are well covered. Not mentioned in the posts, but in the link: 2 door not available in Sahara, and Sahara gets an upgraded suspension compared to Sports/S (Rubicon is heavier duty than both). Sahara is the only...
  14. MY2020 Rubicon V6... with e/torque??

    Found this link: Looks like the 3.6 etorque is available on all trims as an option in Canada... cool!
  15. JLUS Sahara or Sport or doesn’t matter?

    Question as I’m a new Jeeper (ok, I have had extended use of a TJ back in the day, but it wasn’t officially mine), JLUS ... does this mean Sahara or 4 door Sport or both? Just want to know so I don’t sound like an idiot on the forum thinking I’m meaning one thing and saying another. Thanks!
  16. Any 2020 Sahara's w/3.6 BSG built yet?

    No hissing or strange noises from mine, sorry.
  17. Has anyone from NJ purchased a vehicle from Criswell?

    I’m in NJ and have bought many cars out of state (not from that particular dealer) They charge the sales tax from your state (NJ) including lux tax, etc. if applicable. They will give you a temp plate from their state. They will do the registration for you for NJ (there may be a small...
  18. 2020 Sahara 3.6L w/ BSG - anyone drive it yet?

    I’ve only driven mine for about 160 miles, but love it so far. As mentioned above, the start/stop is nearly imperceptible. I have driven other vehicles where I’m looking for the button to turn it off, not in this one. The initial pickup off the line is really good, throttle is almost too...
  19. JL Delivery Checklist

    Didn’t see it mentioned, sorry if I missed it, but if you get the power sliding roof (Sky one touch), you also get a storage bag for the rear quarter windows.
  20. Is every Jeep dealership in the North East impossible to work with on used Jeeps?

    x2 - Fitzpatrick’s is a class act, friendly store, great to do business with!