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  1. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    +1 for rubberized flooring. Carpet is a real pain to keep clean.
  2. JLUR owners with cloth seats chime in

    JLUR here in Canada with cloth seats. Skipped leather due to too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Cloth looks great. No static issues.
  3. Radio volume fluctuating

    Brand new JLUR here. Also happening to me on certain FM stations. 7" screen.
  4. 8 weeks, no VIN - JLUR in Canada. BG status.

    15 weeks after ordering (May 15) and my red JLUR arrived at the dealer this morning. Finally! I pick it up on Tuesday. It supposedly arrived in Montreal by train 2.5 weeks ago - took an awfully long time to make the 1.5 hour trip to Ottawa.
  5. 8 weeks, no VIN - JLUR in Canada. BG status.

    I ordered my JLUR on May 15. (red, LED lights, tow package, body colour fenders, dual-top). I think my order was processed the same as yours. Build date Aug 1. Dealer says it arrived in Montreal on train last Wednesday. Really hoping to see it this week (Ottawa) but not holding my breath.