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  1. No Jeep waves here :(

  2. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    Kirtm333, you on the Gladiator sister forum too? My wife has a JLR and I have a JTM. I’d love to see what your doing on your JT build.
  3. 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Range / Mileage EPA Figures Published

    I am still confused by all of this. Please feel no need to explain it to me. I am just hanging out and waiting for you pioneers to take delivery and then tell us the story of how your using it and what you are getting. Thank you all and looking forward to the 4xe's on the road.
  4. First Preview of Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, Including Magneto Wrangler EV Concept

    With an electric JL or JT, I am assuming the motor will still be in front of the transmission, under the hood, with associated accessory components. The motor will still drive the same JL/JT transmission, to the transfer case, to front and rear solid axles. If this configuration is altered is...
  5. Jeep JL destruction from flat tow in 4Lo and 1st gear! Make sure transfer case is in neutral!

    Lol! That was my first thought too! What were the engine RPMs? Of course a rubicon has 1:84.2 tow ratio when in 1st and 4L. Yep around 45k to 50k rpm sounds juuuust right!
  6. 2021 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Vs. Rubicon

    As been said... What makes the Rubi “the Jeep” is the Locking Dana 44’s, sway bar disconnect, 4:1 transfer case and the a bunch of the “look better” stuff. All honesty unless you are already pushing your finances to hit $50k range then I think for a few thousand dollars more you don’t get a...
  7. Possibly buying 2018 CPO Rubi Unlimited today, what things to look for??

    My two cents, buy it. I don’t think you’re going to get a better deal. Have fun!
  8. How much????? Insanity

    I think this is the dumb question of the day but... That is fully loaded yes? Also, did the $50k base include the premium audio, led group and rock track as advertised. If that is the case it is right in the pocket with the diesel! Thank you so much for sharing!
  9. 4XE production begins. Arriving to dealerships in January...?

    My wife’s 2020 Rubi is running the same engine! Love that thing! Didn’t want to seem to biased but... the 2.0 etorque is the deal maker for me on the 4xe. I’m like... worst case scenario I have a my little 2.0! Can’t lose! I want to see a Gladiator 4xe with the 3.6 etorque!!!
  10. 4XE production begins. Arriving to dealerships in January...?

    There is a discussion in the Bronco6g forum about the 4xe production. A lot of haters! Lol! I have a Bronco reservation but I’m exhausted with all the poor quality and communication. A lot of folks complaining about the 4xe short 25 mile range. Some thought 25 miles was the advertised max range...
  11. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    For the 4xe, I think the diesel $6000 markup was a test mule to see how the market would take it. I expect the 4xe to be about the same. I built what I want, included the options they say are included on final price, and added diesel. I think it’s probably pretty close. The Rubi comes out in the...
  12. 4XE production begins. Arriving to dealerships in January...?

    Same to you myFriend! I greatly appreciate the 392 beast, so I can have my stealth 4xe beast!
  13. Funny!

    I remember TV adds in the 70s and early 80s advertising that exact same box o’ Jeep for $500! Military surplus NIB. You had to put it together though. if only I hadn’t been 8 years old!
  14. Jack the JL, 2018 Punk’n JLUR

    Obviously they love your jeep, maybe you could become an ambassador and they'll provide you tire and wheel set ups, in exchange for use of your amazing Jeep! Side note: I don't think I will ever have a set up like yours but thank you for such a great thread. I completely nerd out on builds like...
  15. 4xE Order Status??

    Not sure if this means anything but... the Jeep build and price glitched on me just now, and the stitching on the leather seats in the Rubicon I was building were blue! Is it happening?
  16. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    I haven't ordered mine yet, waiting for pricing. In that same subject do you all know if the 4xe will qualify for the tread lightly discount?
  17. 3.0L EcoDiesel JL Engine Replacement at 3300 miles due to manufacturing defect

    Sorry Bro, that sucks. I know it doesn't help you out, but... In this day of everything else in the world Fubarred up, you want to trust your new Jeep. It has been a long time since I have seen what I consider to be good service and respect from a dealer.
  18. 4xE Order Status??

    Thanks, I don't know why my searches did not come up with that. So grateful, exactly what I'm looking for.
  19. 4xE Order Status??

    Hey all, first post. I have a high degree of interest in the 4xe but am unclear as to what Trims they are available in and what impact they have on the options. My dealer wants me to come it to order it, which is not possible due to the risk to family. He said, just tell us what you want and...