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  1. Bike Rack Options??

    Finally pulled the trigger on a 1UP double rack. Super easy to install and load up with the bikes, whether my Salsa fattie or normal road bike. Folds up a bit when off the Jeep so I can throw it in the back and not trash the metal parts during the winter. It was a bit expensive, but no plastic...
  2. New JW Speaker J3 Headlights Pre-Order Special!

    Any more news on the conversion kit? I keep seeing the marketing emails from JW for preordering the lights, but they have so little information available on their own website. I'd love to get a set of these in my JL, I loved them in my JK and was bummed to find out they weren't interchangeable.
  3. Bestop JL Product Lineup

    Hey Cassie - any word on if you guys are pursuing a Trektop Pro for the JLU? I've been holding off on purchasing any other soft tops until this is available.
  4. Mopar Soft Top vs Bestop NX

    Mopar soft top has a frame - TrekTop NX is frameless and has a fastback design. I much prefer the TrekTop design, but can't stand the zippers (on any soft top). Bestop also makes a TrekTop Pro (JK only at this time), which I'm holding out for on my JL. The TrekTop Pro is all the best parts of...
  5. Front and Rear JL Splash Guards

    Hey, do you still have these sitting around? I'm in Minneapolis and was looking into getting a set of guards for my Sport JLU.
  6. Tazer JL Lite - $219 - Terrific New Product Offering!

    I'm looking into getting one of these myself. Inquired about getting it done at the dealership...their response, for your entertainment. My name is XXXX, and I received your online inquiry about getting your Wrangler in to re calibrate the speedometer as you are installing a different tire...
  7. Minneapolis/ StP dealers?

    I went with Park Chrysler down in Burnsville and was reasonably happy working with them. They're considerably farther away than the closer Walser in Hopkins to my house, but after having my previous Wrangler serviced and being treated like an absolute moron with the service techs at Walser, that...
  8. Insider Info for Forum Members Only ;)

    The NX is nice...but any word on if/when the Trektop Pro will be available? I'm assuming mid 2019 at best at this point.
  9. Radio volume fluctuating

    No end result - it's still intermittently an issue. It's definitely only the FM radio, any other audio source I choose behaves as expected.
  10. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    Just got my check in the mail yesterday. May 14 initiated -> July 25 delivery. Not bad!
  11. Radio volume fluctuating

    Nope. My phone automatically connects in the background via bluetooth, but I'm not making a call or playing music from the phone. The only audio is the FM radio when I have this problem. I'll try to get a recording of the issue when I head home, assuming it pops up again. This morning is the...
  12. Radio volume fluctuating

    That was one of my first thoughts as well - yes, I have that option. And yes, I did go in and turn it off. Unfortunately it didn't seem to fix anything. Good thought though!
  13. Radio volume fluctuating

    Just under 5000 miles on my JLU Sport S with the technology group and I started having some odd volume issues with the FM radio. The volume seems to have a mind of its own - without touching the dial, the volume drifts up and down as if the signal strength is waning, but there's no static...
  14. "FLEX"/Articulation pictures?

    Stock Sport S - Jeep parking only
  15. JLWF / Tazer Z-Automotive Giveaway: Tazer Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL

    I was just looking at getting one of these - would love to get in on this.
  16. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    After a 3200 mile road trip, I ended up with a 22.5mpg average. Was really happy when we had a long day of driving across Canada and finished the day with the daily average closer to 27.
  17. Have you received your U62 recall letter from FCA

    Recall is active on my Mopar site, but no letter received. Also just finished a 3200 mile road trip, 90% of which was on cruise, with no issues for what it's worth.
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Just got back from a 3000+ mile road trip from Minnesota to Glacier National Park and Banff, Canada. Thrilled with the JL's performance on the entire trip. Comfortable, "good" mileage, well behaved on the highways, and just plain fun for camping and driving around the mountains. Ended up...
  19. Bestop JL Product Lineup

    Trektop Pro please! Can’t settle for anything less now!
  20. Did anyone find good seat covers for the JLUR leather seats?

    If anyone is curious, Bartact also has a black and white version. Looks real sharp with the white JL.