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  1. Lets talk about running 40s

    All good points and awesome website, I’m a min/maxer so always interested in the data!
  2. California Ultimate dana 44

    Right on, I have a metal cloak shaft I “inherited” that I want to swap out
  3. California Ultimate dana 44

    Are you willing to sell the driveshaft?
  4. California Rubicon Rear Axle, Trussed + Cromoly

    Just ordered a replacement axle, this one is coming out in 3-4 weeks so just posting in advance. Everything is in perfect working condition. This is a fully built axle, about as strong as you can make the stock M220. Great for 37’s, 38’s. 39’s and even 40’s if you are on an auto. Asking for...
  5. Lets talk about running 40s

    I got to park next to a jeep running the milestar 38’s and the km3 39’s are noticeably bigger
  6. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    I'm ordering a semi-float rear axle from Fusion 4X4, I'll keep everyone updated with pics, install, etc.
  7. ‘18 Black JLUR - NEW 39” BFG KM3 & Rotiform SIX 17x9, RK X-Factor 3.5” w/ Kings, Road Armor Flares

    I bought these a few months ago, so far, so good I have wheeled a couple of King of Hammers trails out in Johnson Valley, no problems, that said - I've seen a few folks I follow on Instagram who run these blow their rear ring and pinion, not right away but over time. Front ring and pinion, even...
  8. Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS

    what do these measure mounted?
  9. Lets talk about running 40s

    I like them I ran a couple trails out in Johnson valley and they killed it.
  10. Dana Spicer Advantek Gears After REM Isotropic Finishing

    I’m doing some very similar, I debated for a long while about whether or not to get tons but I’m not going to spend close to 15k plus while I’m still paying on the Jeep. Instead I am having a set of gears made by crown race gears, they are rated for use up to a 40 inch sticky on Dana 44, they...
  11. Front Ball Joints. Let discuss what is the best replacement for the stock ball joints.

    Dynatrac and be done, yeah pricey but it’s worth it in the long run
  12. Folks that have broken a R&P was it front or rear / both?

    Thanks, I just added 39 KM3’s and I know it’s a matter of time for the rear so either I upgrade the rear axle or move back down to 37’s and hold onto them until I save up to upgrade
  13. Folks that have broken a R&P was it front or rear / both?

    Just curious, most of the ring and pinion breaks that I have seen or heard about is in the rear. I really don’t want to spend 12k plus on new axles, at that point I’m better off buying a dedicated crawler but I wonder if I can just upgrade the rear for less than 1/2. Fusion 4x4 makes a sweet 40...
  14. Front LCA 190 ft-lbs?

    Yeah bro not all of us build KOH rigs for a living or sleep with our ugga dugga underneath our pillows, hopefully when we grow up we can be more like you 🙄
  15. Anyone run BFG KM3 39x13.5x17 ?

    I love em but I did have to buy wheel spacers which I am not fond of. I am running a 4.5 inch lift, now running now that I have the spacers and additional inch of bumpstop
  16. California JLU Rubicon Dana 44 Axles - Front & Rear Completes - Plus More

    Are you willing to sell the front driveshaft
  17. Wanna run 40s-thoughts?

    I’m going with a 60 semi float in the rear, 40 spline and keeping the M210 front, I figure with that I can get off the trail no matter what, I don’t go bezerk on the skinny pedal, if I break the 60 I have other problems. That said I think with trussed axles, RCV’s and cromoly rears we are good...