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  1. When do you REFUEL?

    When my gas light reminds me to
  2. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    I love my 6 speed. My only complaints are reverse as noted above, try backing a trailer uphill. My other gripe is lack of any pedal feel, might as well be a button. If I have the radio up and can’t hear the engine I have no idea what’s going on. All I drive is manuals and I stall this more than...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Swapped my stock wheels for Satin Black AEV Pintler wheels. On existing 315/70/17’s, no lift.
  4. Soft top installation for Spring and Summer: are all three of my Vinyl windows secure?

    Living and working in Nassau I often forget how much traffic falls off east of Vets highway. Looks good.
  5. Soft top installation for Spring and Summer: are all three of my Vinyl windows secure?

    Great work finding a place to sustain 80mph for 10 min in Long Island at 5pm! Sure isn’t on my commuting route, that’s for sure
  6. New York Used (slightly damaged) JLU hard top $1000

    Thank you for an easy transaction as well. Hope you have a good ride back and enjoy your upcoming adventure! Glad the top went to a good home.
  7. New York Used (slightly damaged) JLU hard top $1000

    Price drop to 1k. Looking to free up space ASAP
  8. Debadging Problem

    I had the body shop pull my rubicon hood stickers when it was in for something unrelated to the front end. Love the cleaner line without the decals and I never liked the look of red on Snazberry. Tow hooks are getting painted black next and I have the dark saddle interior, slowly eradicating...
  9. New York Used (slightly damaged) JLU hard top $1000

    I am selling my factory hard top from my 2021 JLUR. Back in February a town plow truck backed into my parked jeep during a snow storm. Main damage was to the rear drivers side door, the top of the door cracked the top (seen in the pictures attached). The crack is small. Insurance wanted to...
  10. Who else daily drives a beater??

    When I had my TJ years back I went out and bought a 1988 Camry for $1500 (AWD, 5dpd, that car was a unicorn) to daily drive. Kept mileage, wear and tear off the TJ and my back was happier. The road manners in the JL are SO MUCH better I don’t mind driving it daily. I have another car, but my JL...
  11. How many miles should be on a "new" Jeep? (Factory built)

    Years back I special ordered a Honda Accord and it was delivered with 7 miles on it. My JL was a factory order as well, delivered with 12 miles
  12. Pulled the trigger

    Nice! Congrats! As another Snazz owner you will love it. Great complex color that finds different shades in different light. Good luck and enjoy!
  13. Question on Dual Top for noob

    I’m in I’m the Northeast as well and have always run 2 tops. Hard top November-March, soft top rest of the year. No substitute for running topless and my JL is a daily driver so I want the hard top for the winter. It does take up space when not on the jeep, you can find instructions on how to...
  14. Manual trans auto start

    As much as I would love remote start in my manual I agree with some above that it should always be left in gear. Don’t trust the parking brake alone. Had a Honda Accord roll down my driveway years back after my wife left in in neutral with the e-brake on.
  15. Driving on beach sand.

    i use a product called salt away and rinse everywhere I can reach with it after driving on beach sand. There is enough salt in the sand alone to be problematic even if you avoid wet areas. Air down and carry the equipment listed on your pass. Democrat point has compressors to air back up but...
  16. 2021 fix for water dripping into Jeep from top when the door is open?

    My 2021 JLUR with the hard top on still gives you a shower when you open the door in the rain, no fix here.
  17. Options for topless season

    I am on Long Island and spend a lot of time in VT, I know your pain. I run a soft top April-November and a hard top for the winter. Best of both worlds.
  18. Would you be hesitant to buy a used 2020 JL that was a rental car?

    Knowing how I’ve treated rental cars over the years, I would sure wouldn’t buy one
  19. truck or Jeep

    I often say either jeep or truck. I think a straight axle, body on frame vehicle sporting 35” tires can be called a truck if you desire. I used to call my TJ and WJ a truck by the same logic.
  20. Can a JL WU be a good highway cruiser?

    VS my old TJ my JLUR is a Cadillac on the highway. VS my wife’s MDX it’s a wrangler.... It’s all relative. I have a manual as well. It is much better on the highway than I expected going in, but it’s still a wrangler