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  1. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    Don't need to a new Bronco... All you need is a cheep pair of sunglasses with a built in bottle opener.
  2. List of Differential Skids (front and rear)

    The diff skids from NVM bolt to the diff cover and are also supported by the diffs themselves. So far, no issues, and don't think there will be any issues.
  3. Totaled Mercedes. What’s Next?

    My $0.0175 worth (used to be $0.015 worth, but with all deficit spending and tax increases done by the current administration to pay for all the BS programs, an increase in my fees is needed). Still cheaper than most folks $0.02 worth. Having been the guy who has driven too fast and now an...
  4. Stellantis said on Friday it will halt production at five North American plants next week because of the global microchip shortage.

    Always thought the automotive supply philosophy of just-in-time (JIT) often turned into almost-in-time (AIT). Looks as if the chip supply problem is not-even-close-in-time (NECIT). Have to love folks who sit and look at spreadsheets, make assumptions, then make decisions, but have no clue to...
  5. Head Gasket at 3000 Miles?

    Could be a crack in the cyl head that is causing issues with the gasket. Be sure that they do proper inspection (e.g., dye penetration test )of the cyl head before the Jeep is repaired.
  6. Head Gasket at 3000 Miles?

    A couple of ways to find a faulty head gasket is by testing the coolant for CO2 or a compression check of the engine.
  7. JLUR 3.5" lift and 37" tires: Where do you find clearance in rear wheel wells?

    As a data point After the installing the RK lift and the Artec liners, no trimming of sheet metal was needed to keep the 37's from rubbing the Jeep.
  8. JLUR 3.5" lift and 37" tires: Where do you find clearance in rear wheel wells?

    @JeepScares Yes, On a JLR, one can only install a long arm on the rear due to the gas tank. On a JLUR, one can install a front and rear long arms. Long arms are really great way to lift a Jeep
  9. JLUR 3.5" lift and 37" tires: Where do you find clearance in rear wheel wells?

    On my JLR, it has: MS 37's Rock Krawler 3.5 Lift T-Rex (Mid arm in the front, Long arm in the rear) Hydraulic bump stops Rear Shock relocation kit (moves shocks up) Artec rear fender liners No rubbing issues
  10. Choices! 35s, Lift, or Winch?

    My $0.015 worth. Go with a good lift first. Just don't get a cheap lift. Rock Krawler makes a great lift.
  11. Oil change: 1 yr but maintenance monitor says

    A couple of months back, similar situation on my 3.6 JLR with manual gear box. After a year, had about 4200 miles on the clock. Changed oil anyway. Don't like to go past 50% oil life anyway. For me, the most I would go is about 5000 miles before oil changes. If you have a 2.0T, definitely...
  12. First time Jeep owner...

    Nice looking Jeep! My $0.015 worth regarding mods: When it comes to mods, especially suspension, go with the good stuff. There is so much stuff that comes from overseas that is junk. Yes, its cheap and may look decent, but it won't hold up and will take away from the Jeep experience. If...
  13. Exploring North Carolina

    @Carolina Jeeper Great to see the kids out hiking and enjoying the outdoors. When our son would ask, how come we were hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, etc., we would respond because you are going to have fun whether you like it or not. Now he's a champion snow skier and water skier at Chapel...
  14. Exploring North Carolina

    This time of year, the Parkway is often closed. Today, the section with the Viaduct was closed. Normally, pedestrians are not allowed on the Viaduct. However, since there were no cars, there were people hiking the Viaduct. Our new dog Misty, who's a two year old cattle dog rescue, had a...
  15. Exploring North Carolina

    Was driving around on the fire roads near Grandfather Mnt and the Parkway. Found this little spot to get some mud on tires and an opportunity to climb this incline. To prove that video and pictures never do justice to climbs, this is what the dash says the climb was. Looks as if I need to...
  16. Had my first death wobble.

    @MTI Glad you found the problem. I assume it was the bolt that holds the stabilzer to the bar. FWIW, I do not trust lock washers. Research has shown that they really don't work, as shown in the links below. The videos show how Nord Lock washer help. Typical examples are shown below...
  17. M200 upgrade to 32 spline locking differential and axles.

    Recently went with front and rear manual cable Ox lockers on my CJ-7 with Dana 44 Axles from a Scout. The Ox locker cable design is setup such that the cable must be working for the locker to engage (i.e., fail safe position is to free wheel the diff). Anyway, really like Ox Lockers
  18. Had my first death wobble.

    If you have the Synergy Sector shaft brace, check the large nut (Maybe 1 7/8" hex) that holds on assembly. Mine came loose. Used a bunch of red loctite and re-torqued to ~180 Ft-Lbs. So far, so good.
  19. Had my first death wobble.

    Glad you are OK. With the SteerSmart system, the bolt for stabilizer shock that goes to the bar came loose a couple of times. Last time, I used a lot more blue Loctite, and the bolt has not come loose. IMHO, the single bolt to hold the stabilizer to the bar needs to have some kind of...
  20. My Jeep is “modifying” Me.

    An EE's perspective on Jeeps