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  1. Order, take dealership stock or buy used?

    I used Auto Trader to search used Wrangler Sahara's across the country with the options I was looking for. Sky one touch, Selec Tac, Advance Safety Group ect.. I live in Cali. Found my Jeep in New York at a Mercedes Dealership. Clean CarFax and video walk around. Had is shipped across country...
  2. Selec Trac 4WD and Anti Spin Differential - finalizing custom order...Snazberry?

    I use a California Car Duster on my black Sahara which keeps is nice and shiny here in Cali!
  3. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    Nope! Love myJeep! Didn't expect problems, and haven't had any! 14,000 miles!
  4. Runners, what do you do with your key fob?

    Industrial strength cargo running shorts!
  5. Runners, what do you do with your key fob?

    I grab my spare fob which no keys attached. Grab a spare house key. Leave the house key in the car, put the spare fob with no keys attached in the pocket of my running shorts!
  6. Anyone take the T50 door bolts out and leave them out?

    I've had mine out for six months with no problem.

    I love being able to go places other people can't! I also like to have the roof open and the doors off! Don't tell the State of California it's legal to drive that way on the freeway! Once they figure it out they will out law it!
  8. Sky Touch Durability

    Unfortunately Lake Cachuma which is our main water supply here in Santa Barbara didn't gain at all. The northern part of the state received much more. I have more confidence on the longevity of the roof than you, but time will tell.
  9. Sky Touch Durability

    Mine is two years old, and did great in the four inches of rain we had in two days here in Cali! No trouble through the car wash either! I have it open all the time. Love it!
  10. What is the fastest speed you have driven your JL/JLU?

    I must have had the wind at my back! I do have the 2.0. Once it down shift the turbo really kicks in! Might have only been a mile and a half!
  11. What is the fastest speed you have driven your JL/JLU?

    110 MPH on the five. Just a short burst to get by big truck.
  12. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    Use Auto Trader to find a slightly used JL with a clean Carfax, and get all three!
  13. 2021 Wrangler Ditches 2.0L eTorque Mild Hybrid Engine

    They didn't sell a non E-Torque 2.0T in 2019.
  14. Sky One-Touch Top

    I love my SOT. It was one of the main reasons I sold my 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Taking the doors off and driving with the SOT open is super fun! I had installed two sun roofs in the FJ,but there is no comparison!
  15. Automatic Sky One Touch

    Drove 6 hour trip with speeds up to 100 mph on short bursts. The SOT was closed, and other than some wind noise, which didn't bother me because I had the stereo on, I had no issues. Love this top! Opened it up as soon as I got to my sister's house in Orangvale, CA.
  16. Another One Touch Question

    There is no reason it can't last a long time. My Corvette convertible top was much more complicated, and it lasted 13 years until I sold it. Did put a new canvas on, but just because it got dirty. It was tan. I have a black top on my 17 and again have had no problems.
  17. Adaptive Cruise disables itself after stopping...

    Your adaptive cruise control is working as designed. Mine does the same thing. I have the 2 L Turbo with E torque.
  18. Another One Touch Question

    Hi Scott, I haven't read anything about there being a change in the SOT for 21. I love mine and have had no problem with it at all. I would strongly recommend getting one. Fun to open the top this time of year, but I am a convertible lover! My other car has a drop top!
  19. Almost 8K miles I have not ever had a better experience than the JL

    I love threads like this as well! My 2019 Sahara with 12,500 hasn't had any problems either! So much fun. The doors are back on because of the cold!
  20. JLU wrangler steering and handling

    There seems to be some variations from Rubi to Rubi. I would test drive the one you want to buy to make sure it steers and handles the way you want it too.