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  1. Tazer un-marry for steering box

    I just unhooked mine, and hooked it back up afterwards. I did not unmarry it.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Similar to my setup. I moved it because the fridge blocks it coming out of the compressor. ( I assume you have the same issue) Here are the parts I used
  3. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    The door latches will open bottles
  4. Feedback on my first outing

    It is good to see you wheeling it. Keep having fun
  5. Feedback on my first outing

    maybe sway bar disconnects
  6. How are your badges holding up?

    Mine are great, some have been on for a year.
  7. Finally Kicking SiriusXM To The Curb!!!

    I bought the life time subscription about 2007ish. I lost it after too many transfers, another bait and switch. They claimed lifetime of the radio. Well, in February they lost a class action lawsuit and I have my satellite radio back for my lifetime (or until they go bankrupt). Usually if I am...
  8. 2013 JK wrangler soft door install

    When you take the metal doors off, they are plugged in under the dash. It is built into the the door strap. Look at 1:30 in this video
  9. 2013 JK wrangler soft door install

    When you unplug your harness the dome light wont trigger anymore. This is the JL forum, I think you made a wrong turn but probably most of us have had JK's, and it is the same for the JL
  10. Washington Replacement front bumper for JL Rubicon

    Rugged Ridge Arcus
  11. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I did this my first minute of ownership, and drove the rest of the way home with the mirror dangling. turns out that you cam remove the mirror post and reinstall it easily enough so that you can flip it. The mirror with the auto dim is thicker and would not flip without coming out.
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    EJS 2021 Pose Pic 38.58692, -109.99394
  13. How many Jeep trail badges can a 100% factory stock JLR or JLUR get you?

    Yep, those can be done in a rental on 43 psi tire pressure. Seen it
  14. Rattle

    I grease my hinge pins at least once a year, when I remove the doors
  15. Patches on MOPAR Headliner

    I was hoping that you found something. I had bought fabric for velcro and used spray adhesive (3M spray 77) but when spring came and it got hot inside, the adhesive failed. Now I need something else.
  16. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    How long to put it back in the bag?
  17. 8.4 Upgade Update Question

    I also park in a garage. Both times I have seen mine update, I have been out and about. It asks me if it can update. I dont use the build in Nav, so I dont know if mine works....
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Meh, a lift and sliders that sick out from the body a inch or so, no dings for me.