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  1. EcoDiesel Engine Chirping Noise

    Mine sounds like field full of crickets in the summer under light or medium throttle t between 10 and 35mph. does that sound similar?
  2. Offroad diesel

    I’ll only say it this way, I removed my ecodiesel badge for a reason. next to nobody even realizes a diesel can come on a Jeep so if there’s on vehicle that could easily get away with it, it’s our jeeps
  3. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    If it werent for method shipping the wrong wheels I’d have these on already. Im over from the “other side“ but I haven’t seen anyone else post a review with lightweight bead grip wheels and 39s
  4. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    I’m excited to see a review on this is there a way to mount the super gauge onto the grab handle?
  5. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    What do you think about the 4xe. I’ve already had some DMs from people asking me to come out for charging stations
  6. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    Premature regeneration happens to the best of us 😂
  7. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    looks great! How do you like the LOD steps?
  8. Lots of Good Reviews, those Bad Ones though....

    I’m over here from the JT side but I’ve got almost the same setup. Granted I’ve owned the Jeep for 4 days now but it’s incredible. Delicious torque always on tap. Amazing mileage considering I’m going out of my way to break it in (on closed courses) ha
  9. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    the nephew climbed up into the Jeep when I brought it home and goes jeep tonka Jeep tonka ❤️
  10. 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Range / Mileage EPA Figures Published

    no you absolutely do not source: a guy that oversaw the handout of 59M in tax credits for solar last year alone the easiest way to understand the tax credit is to think of it like a Costco gift Card. You have to shop there enough to use it or you get less of it
  11. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    How is the fuel filter accessed with this skid in place?
  12. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    @DesertDoesIt over here from the JT side. There is A massive amount of orders over there ready to buy this from you immediately
  13. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    anyone with a more creative mind or some photoshop ability’s got input in these with nacho?
  14. New ARB bumpers!

    theyll chew them up if you leave them in there all the time
  15. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    thanks. 4” Rustys diesel lift sitting in the garage waiting on it
  16. CHIEF Blue Wrangler JL Club

    that’s a great question brother
  17. Is anyone doing a 3.0 swap in older jeeps yet?

    I’m a huge advocate for the diesel but in that circumstance I’d do a 6.4 hemi all day because there are kits to do it
  18. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    a cousin of yours just showed up to the lot exactly 28 days after I ordered. can’t wait to meet my little oil burner