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  1. Trip from Texas to Durango in mid June **advice needed imogene pass**

    Mid-June snowpack might be the only concern. We didn't have a real heavy winter, though. The only reason you'd need a winch is if you get yourself buried in a remaining snow drift. I'm basically in Durango, PM me if you run into troubles or need help after hours for random mechanical issues...
  2. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    To be clear, was this the East side or West side?
  3. Hole in the Rock Recommendations

    It will be stupid hot.
  4. Busted Rod End Causing Dead Spot?

    Looks like just a split boot. To check for play grab and shake....and ideally have a helper rock the steering wheel left/right slowly as you watch and feel for play....IOW if the pitman arm starts moving a split second before the drag link, this could indicate a worn ball/socket. But failed...
  5. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift...what to expect?

    I'm gonna need to install adjustable track bars f&r on one of these lifts....does anyone have center to center measurements you used? I understand I can just play with it but a solid starting point will minimize the adjustments.
  6. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Nice, it'll be going out again in another ~20k....just outside of warranty ;)
  7. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    Copy, thank you for the follow-up!
  8. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    OEM IIRC. Did MC furnish their own replacements with my MC kit and I just don't remember installing them (I'm asking - it's possible!)?
  9. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    Soooo....I'm still unclear. I've got the same issue as JJSix with my MC lift: driver's coil looks great, passenger coil looks exactly like his. Did JJSix say he was running the RK perches and I missed it? I guess the real question is: will the RK correction perches correct the right side with...
  10. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Up to you but if you're gonna lose $1500 I'd just buy the vehicle and set $1500 aside to deal with this. That's enough to get a competent aftermarket shop to install an open carrier OR a TAD of your choice
  11. Moab week after Easter Jeep Safari

    EJS still the worst but Moab has been insane all year due to the panic So, it'll be LESS busy, but it's all relative
  12. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Yeah.......tell 'em I've got some ocean front property for sale here in Colorado. Cheap!
  13. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    I don't recall now which ones they direct you to remove. There's another one further up the line I cut but again Rustyshakel and others have provided better advice on how to pry it apart and remove it. Really wish I had done this, it just bugs me that it's still there and I get a weird clunking...
  14. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    IIRC isn't the left side cat above the exhaust loop? This could help deter left side theft. Just thinking quick and easy and budget friendly if one doesn't want to invest in a full belly system.....
  15. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    ^^^I didn't watch the video above, but yeah per advice from Rustyshakel and probably others, I just shoved the parking brake cables in front of the rear xmember back there. Presumably that's also what the video shows. Works great.
  16. Leveling rear amount question

    Yep, rocker panel is your best bet. I think even non-Rubicons still have the front fenders a bit higher than the rears so measuring fenders or tire to fender clearance is meaningless
  17. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    ^^actually I take that back just 'cause I did my own thing, posts #110 and #111 here:
  18. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    I'll personally never run extended SS lines again after experiencing failures (bursts) and seeing how easily they pull apart if stretched. OEM rubber lines are SURPRISINGLY durable. I had no inkling of a need for any further relocation with my MC GC 2.5", but it's your money and your rig to...
  19. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    The fix is get rid of the limited grip. Warranty won't cover it, though
  20. Engineering Nerds: 3/8" Rivnuts to Hold On Body Armor?

    I still need to do something, too. Sean, super curious to see your finished product. Trying to understand how you're gonna make a rub rail with the inherently huge radii of a roller vs a bender. Not a criticism, just curious.