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  1. Wrangler Rubicon JLU 3.6 engine pre-detonation

    So I have not run 87 in awhile but I ran two tanks through and it was pinging all the time. So much so that it was annoying and with my half doors on it’s a lot louder/ more noticeable. Ran the tank low and refilled with 91. Drastically improved. No doubt that the higher octane helps. Even...
  2. Wrangler Rubicon JLU 3.6 engine pre-detonation

    Nope. Mine still pings more than ever, especially on 87.
  3. Who’s ‘Upgrading’ to a Subaru?

    Honestly, I’d love a turbo crosstrek
  4. What do we want to know from the first to receive the 392?

    You know..I don’t think I have ever wanted something more than wanting one of these. Man that sounds so good. If only 5.7’s were a normal option. Maybe in an alternate universe.
  5. Mopar 2” lift JLU Sport

    You could probably get away with 35’s and the 3.45 gears with the auto. It wasn’t the best with the manual.
  6. Mopar 2” lift JLU Sport

    I have added a few pieces of steel over the years. Slides, bumper/ winch. It settled some too and I think is a great height. About 30k miles on the lift now.
  7. Mopar 2” lift JLU Sport

    Yeah I did. 5.13's. I also went 37's though haha.
  8. Rear End Damage - repairable or total?

    State Farm covers my aftermarket parts/ mods.
  9. California Ultimate dana 44

    Haha nice! I’m curious in what you are going to do. So make a post about it or send me message when it’s done.
  10. California Ultimate dana 44

    Selling Jeep or going 60’s?
  11. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    I’ll have to go climb around under mine now!
  12. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    How many miles? I personally wouldn’t really worry about it if I was out of warranty. Until it got worse..but that’s just me lol. It’s mostly seeping. Once a drip starts then I’d tear it apart.
  13. The clutch gang!

    Ohh ok good I’m not going crazy! Didn’t you have a video?
  14. The clutch gang!

    Pretty sure I saw a guy who had his Jeep parked on a downhill driveway and left it in first gear no parking brake. Started on its own slowly but surely by rolling forward. Compression started it. Ran into a shed or something. Really wish I could find that video. 99% sure it was a JL. It seems...
  15. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Well if you go that route let me know how it goes. So you never messed with the clutch fork linkage?
  16. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Oh wow you have the centerforce and it is still doing it? I don't like that haha. Have you replaced the slave cylinder? Does the centerforce kit replace the throw out bearing? I'll go take a look at my fluid. It does it only once warmed up and only when the clutch is depressed. I am not super...
  17. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Have not noticed my fluid going dark but at this point I am just going deal with it someday when I replace my clutch. It has been doing this for so long now that I hope it's just an annoyance and will never have something fully fail or seize.
  18. Intentsrig-JLU Sporticon

    Well, the zerks fell out a few of them and I assume filled up with water and other debris. After that, driving for a bit would cause them to creak very loud when I turned the wheel. So yeah they were shot. Noise went away when I replaced them. Oh and the zerks I replaced once but always kept...
  19. Off-roading with a manual transmission?

    With a 4-1 transfer case and 5.13 gears I don’t even think about the clutch. Very hard to stall. No feathering the clutch needed.