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  1. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Nice stance! What lift and tire size are you running?
  2. Headliners - Are they worth it?

    Count me in the Hothead Headliner fan camp. I added the sound assassin strips and do notice both better temp regulation and slightly less road noise, as well as the more finished look. It’s not transformational however. It’s a will be noisier than anything else! I also run a...
  3. Flap behind rear seat of Sahara

    I believe the Sahara has the same flap as my Rubicon. It’s attached with really tough alligator clips. They are tough to remove, but please refer to this thread on installing a rear seat recline kit, where I resorted to using a small pry bar and it worked well...
  4. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Mine is also my DD, and I absolutely love it. Ride quality is excellent. I’ve not done a lift (yet anyway), but a variety of other small convenience, comfort, and appearance mods. It’s addictive, but the joy of being a Jeep owner! See my profile page / garage where I’ve listed out those mods...
  5. JL Retractable Sunshade

    I tried to get the measurements on the JK version of the retractable from Cassie / Bestop for months, to see if the mounting points would line up with the JL or whether I might be able to modify it to fit. Finally gave up after repeated requests. Very frustrating. If anyone has a JK version...
  6. Rear Seat Recline Install

    I assume you are talking about the new bolts under the front side of the seats. If you loosen the 3 bolts behind the seat (don’t remove, just loosen well, like half an inch or so if I recall correctly) you should be able to maneuver the seats well enough to get the bolts under the front of the...
  7. Backup Lights

    I really liked @Jeeper ‘s idea using the Rigid Scene Light, but chose to mount it to the side of my hitch like many others using a single light (eg, Baja Designs S2) rather than to the bottom of the hitch where it would have been more nicely centered. I was worried about it hanging down too far...
  8. Jeep wave

    Two finger “peace” wave takes no effort and makes my day when I receive one on the way to or from work. Why would you not reciprocate? Maybe 1 out of ten women wave, and I love it when I get one to wave first. My wife and daughter think the Jeep wave is the greatest. My wife now wants to...
  9. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Been asking for this since last fall, as I wanted to use my LiteBrite discount on it. I was even willing to try and MacGyver a JK version to fit my JL, but I’ve been trying since March to get Bestop to provide me simple measurements on the JK version to see if I might be able to adapt it. No...
  10. Bestop magnetic sun shade??

  11. Center console organizer

    I’ve always preferred routing out the front vs. the sides. I set my phone next to the brake lever so that works best for me and keeps the cord out of the way.
  12. Center console organizer

    . That’s funny. What sort of tiny garbage are people storing in their trays? It works fine for me and I’d hardly call it “bastardized.” As I said, it was an experiment. It’s a $16 piece of plastic for crying out loud. But of course you always have an opinion and you are always right.
  13. Center console organizer

    Received my upper tray this week and agree the quality is absolutely top notch. I particularly like the rubber inserts in the bottom and the cord accommodation options. Well done! I (stubbornly) still wish the design had incorporated a console light accommodation. I did experiment with...
  14. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    You missed the $200 off deal of the century last October/November. $599 for twill (which is really the only way to go) was a great deal on a fantastic product. Regular price of $799 would be much harder to swallow.
  15. Backup Lights

    @Jeeper were you able to post any pictures of the light effects? I may have missed the post so apologies if so. I really like this solution so just wanted to see how the light works/looks both outside and on the display. Thanks!
  16. Center console organizer

    Thanks. Challenge accepted. ;)
  17. Center console organizer

    Gotcha and thanks. From the pictures it appears deep enough (maybe total depth of 4" or so?) relative to the bottom of the light, so I'm curious to get my hands on this myself. Running additional lighting is not something I would even consider, I'm just trying to use what's already there...
  18. Center console organizer

    Can you elaborate why you think that's not feasible? Seems like it would be pretty easy to cut a hole in plastic.
  19. Center console organizer

    I ordered two this morning (one is for a buddy). Anxious to get my hands on this and see if I can modify the bumpout to allow for the light to be useful for the tray area.
  20. Husband & Wife JL Build(s)

    Mater (from Cars) would be a clean option that even your kids would love.