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  1. Transfer Case slips out of gear.

    Hey folks, Last week, I got my Jeep back from getting a new lift, 37s, and a front drive shaft installed. Today I went out to wheel it and found I had a problem with the transfer case. When I put it into 4H, it almost always ships into neutral. I have to play with it to get it just right so it...
  2. New trails added!

    I know, I’m just kidding. I used to live in Texas. 😉
  3. New trails added!

    That’s because Texas is mostly flatter than a cast iron pan. The lyrics of “Miles and Miles of Texas” exist for a reason. Meanwhile, I’ve got a 14000‘ mountain out my back window.
  4. New trails added!

    I wish they would add more Colorado trails. Most of them are all on the west side of the state. The only one further east is Holy Cross in Vail. We have a ton of really good trails further east. Frankly, I’m surprised there are only six trails mentioned for the whole state.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Another day, another mod.. Just Empty Every Pocket I wanted to get a 15lb Powertank but it doesn’t fit on the Sport Bar mount. So I went with the 10lb unit. The install was very easy and took maybe 20minutes. I bought it from All Seasons 4x4 in Broomfield, CO. It appears there is a shortage of...
  6. Mirror Lighting Concept

    Well, I’m certainly interested. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.
  7. New Product Question - Magnetic Body Armor?

    It's not a vinyl sticker. Well it is but it is a reusable one. It can be removed, cleaned, and reused. It's a bit more effort that the old magnetic ones. I personally haven't tried these yet. I'm hoping someone else will take one for the team first. haha
  8. Mirror Lighting Concept

    It makes me wonder, what can we do with that spot. You’ve basically opened up a new mounting point on the door when doing this. OH, BTW, WHODAT!
  9. Mirror Lighting Concept

    1. We now know you guys have been spending too much time on the Bronco forum.. 😝😝 2. I love the idea. 3. Suggest you also put mounting points on the mirror to allow for 3rd party cube lights. Many folks (including myself) already have cube lights. Putting mounting points on would let us keep...
  10. Competition from Bronco = better deals for Wrangler?

    I had a reservation for a Badlands but I cancelled because of delays and option availability. That’s when we decided to go with a Rubicon instead.. However I’m still interested in the Warthog. I sold my Raptor last week and went down to just the Jeep for now. I’m putting money away to either...
  11. Mounting BDs

    Hey folks, I just sold my Raptor. As a result, I removed a set of @Baja Designs Squadron Pro Spots, a set of Driving Combos, and a set of S1 Ambers. I’m thinking I’ll change the amber lens to clear on the S1s and use them as backup lights. What do ya’ll think of this idea? Should I...
  12. Mounting Powertank to Roll Bars with X clamp?

    Does anyone know if the Powertank sports bar mount will handle the 15lbs tank?
  13. Goal Zero Yeti

    Except for that stupid handle.
  14. Recommend me a torque wrench

    Cool. I just ask because I spent eight years in Army Aviation. We calibrated our torque wrenches every 90 days. Of course we were constantly using them as well.
  15. Fishbone Hawse Fairlead License Plate Mount

    Decided to add my thoughts to this old thread instead of starting a new one. I got the Fishbone front license plate mount last week and immediately installed it. The install would have been very easy except that the Warn fairlead has a bump on the top for the Warn Logo. That bump keeps the...
  16. Recommend me a torque wrench

    How often do you guys test the calibration on your wrenches?
  17. recommended wheel and tire size.

    Yea, do this. Come up to Denver and buy my takeoff tires and wheels.. ;)
  18. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    Agreed. I have them on my Raptor and they’ve been perfect. I just haven’t gotten around to getting them for my Jeep yet. They have just enough stiffness to be effective but they have enough give that they won’t interfere when off roading.
  19. recommended wheel and tire size.

    You should probably ask this on the Tire/Wheel/Brake forum. You’ll get a lot of answers. The first question you need to ask yourself is what you’re going to do with your Jeep? If it’s for strictly on road driving you can potentially go all the way up to 35s. I did this to my previous Sport S...
  20. Denver 4x4 Shops

    We got our Rubicon back from All Seasons 4x4 on Friday. After a quick inspection I drove it around the area before handing it over to my wife. She went off to get some groceries and I headed home. When she finally got home, she was giggling like a schoolgirl. She LOVES the upgrades. While...