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  1. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    AEV, ARB, and TJM are the only after-market bumpers I know of that are crash tested.
  2. Is this covered under warranty?

    Agreed. Warranty is for defective.
  3. Possible UAW Strike

    Hopefully GM will move to a State that does not have unions but most likely they will move out of the country.
  4. window button label wiped off

    See it a lot of people posting on Facebook posting this. Take it to the dealer.
  5. Frame mount Rocker Guards that don't require body bolts to be removed

    those are running boards not sliders. I wouldn't Jack the vehicle from them. Also if they took a hit there probably bend right into the body. They also bolt to the body
  6. 2018 Wrangler Caught Fire!!

    Do you have pictures of the Jeep before the fire? Where were you driving?
  7. Top Factory Option You'd Pass On

    Things on the Jeep = 1. The LED. The Halo in the headlights look stupid. The size and the shape are the rear tail lights. They are just asking to be ripped off on a trail. 2. Painted fenders. Thought I could live with them. 3. Tires. Should have got the M/T's. Things I did not get = 1. Steel...
  8. Managing My Weight

    Definitely trying to keep the weight down on every Jeep I have owned. The vehicle perform better plus adding weight wears out parts faster like ball joints. Soft top weights over 100lbs less then hard. Most after-market steel bumpers will weight less then the factory steel bumper and that is...
  9. Another angry Wrangler

  10. Ace Stubby Pic Request

    accident or Trail damage?
  11. Brand New Lemon

    You paid over 50k for a 2 door?
  12. Rubicon LED with NO Blind Spot Detection Question

    I hate the size of the LED taillights. I had no plans on getting the LED package so I didn't research them. I ended up get a great deal on a Rubicon that had the LED package. I can stand by the front fender and see the taillight. Stupid. It should be like that on a Jeep. It there a after-market...
  13. Not my taste, but maybe someone will like this

    Jeep will add this to the next update for the JL
  14. Nemesis Industries Crawler & Notorious Fenders (Front and Rear)

    Are the Notorious Fender the same width as the stock finders?
  15. Another angry Wrangler

    See that Jeep put halo lights in the headlights and day time running lights in the fenders, this will be added to the JL with the next update.
  16. Rained all on the inside of my Jeep :-(

    You should be they are not sealed. A common part that would get damaged on the JK would be the clock spring that is behind the steering wheel.