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  1. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Pretty easy conversion from my Jeep fob. The RFD chip came out easily. The size of the original didn't bother me too much, but I didn't like key popping out while in my pocket.
  2. locking gun safe for my JLU

    My sub-woofer is on the side, not in the storage compartment. It was in that spot in my JKU.
  3. locking gun safe for my JLU

    There is no need to purchase the Tuffy (or similar) system as you can securely store items in the rear cargo area storage compartment. It is located underneath the rear load floor. To access the storage compartment, you must first unlock and open the rear tailgate and then lift up on the cargo...
  4. Hanging top from garage ceiling.

    After re-reading your post one thing is not clear to me - can you drive your Jeep in to your garage? If so, you likely have enough room to lift it vertically from the Jeep and park forwards with the hood under the hanging top. It doesn't need to be lifted too high to be able to drive the...
  5. Hanging top from garage ceiling.

    I would be more inclined to use a couple of wide webbing straps around the the hardtop to form a cradle. It would spread any load over much more area and likely be more secure.
  6. Steering Getting Worse! Dealership Wont Help!

    I noticed you are in Port Dover too. Which dealer did you got to? What is the TSB number?
  7. Rubicon Steel Bumper Recovery Points

    If you are badly bogged and someone is using a kinetic snatch strap hooked to the accessory strap it could put too much of an inward moment on your front frame ends with the potential of bending the frame rails. In that case pulling one recovery point may be best. The accessory strap would be...
  8. JL vs JLU towing capacity?

    One thing to consider is the rear overhang of the trailer. You can end up dragging the rear end on both a steep approach and departure angle. A trailer tow bar will also affect these angles on your Jeep. Also with the unusual twisting and turning while towing in rocky terrain I would suggest a...
  9. Level 1 noob here - do I lock my doors?

    Locking the rear tailgate protects anything in the storage compartment below the floor. The floor panel can’t be lifted up without opening the tailgate.
  10. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    If the fob battery is dead will this new fob start my Jeep in the same way the factory fob does? (i.e. holding the nose side of the key fob (side with the mechanical key) against the START/STOP ignition button and push to operate the ignition switch.)
  11. Parksense Question

    There is a button on the dash with a “P”. Press that and it turns ParkSense off.
  12. Driving on beach sand.

    If you stop for lunch be sure you are above high tide line and if possible stop facing downhill with room to turn away from the water once you get going.
  13. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    Even with the doors off, the proximity lock will still operate the tailgate - which is handy at the beach.
  14. How are your cloth seats holding up?

    Love ours - warmer in winter, cooler in summer. Leather seats look nice, but are a pain when you have the top down and park in the sun. If you do decide that you would prefer leather it is less expensive to purchase after market leather seat covers.
  15. Emergency snow shovels?

    Hi-Lift makes a shovel/axe/pick/sledge hammer all-in-one kit.
  16. Hi lift mount

    Look at Dominion Off-road.
  17. Hi Lift Jack Recovery

    Hi-Lift has a number of accessories, including a wide base, that help to stabilize the jack when lifting. The Lift-Mate is also a handy piece of kit for lifting a wheel to get something in the hole under the tire.
  18. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    You usually won't need chains on the roadway, but if you are forced off the road you may need to put them on as they may be the only thing to give you enough traction to get out of the snow/mud/ice in the median or swale. They can be used when driving off-road too for better traction in mud.