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  1. North Carolina Mopar All Weather Floor Mats

    Jeep logo is red
  2. North Carolina Mopar All Weather Floor Mats

    Asking $70. Local pickup preferred, and I'm located in Greensboro, NC. The mats are for a 4-door JLU
  3. Sport with Rubi swap tire size question

    How is your back spacing? any rubbing? Looking at your pics with rubi fenders, im thinking about tossing a 2" lift on and fitting the 315's that way
  4. Sport with Rubi swap tire size question

    I have a JLUS with a rubi suspension swap. Looking at snagging new tires to go on the stock rims. I know this question has been asked before, but I have creeped the forum a good bit and want to get a definitive answer. I am looking at going with 285's but would love to fit 315's. Would I need...
  5. Wheel Identification Help

    took a while but those are these rims, and im about 99% sure theyre 20" rims
  6. Georgia 2018 JL 2 Door Sport 9k miles 35s Lift Motobilt Extras

    not to thread jack, but people have done power windows and locks i think. i havent seen power windows done diy, and it definitely wouldnt be easy or cheap. but being a 2 door, after you install power locks, you could definitely lean across the cab pretty easy and roll up or down without much...
  7. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Im thinking about going this route so just to clarify, did the mounts you linked come with the 3M tape you used to attach this to your vent?
  8. Giveaway of the Month - August 2019 - Your Choice of a Frame-Built Front Bumper

    #2402 all the way!
  9. Front LCA Torque. Torque plus angle or just torque?

    I would err on the side of caution when it comes to suspension parts. Go ahead and torque them to 190. Ive read other posts where people have complained of random creaking, popping, etc and the culprit was LCA bolts torqued too low...
  10. Buying my first wrangler soon - need some educated input

    Ill also add for the sake of input, theres a guy in the classifieds section selling an absolutely gorgeous 2 door sport thats located in GA that upgraded it with almost everything you would want for a good price. I dont know him at all, but I know the things hes done to it are everything I want...
  11. Horrible gas mileage jl

    Try resetting every 5th fill up to give your Jeep more time to average your mpg. When i first got mine and zero'd it heading off the lot, my mileage was terrible. Then I jumped on the highway and watched it climb up. If you zero it in the city, start, stop and idle are going to keep it veraged...
  12. Mopar Trailer Wiring Harness Installation

    I did the install myself and found it much easier to run the wire from the rear down, into the passenger side frame rail and then snaked it all the way to the front passenger wheel well. There is a cutout there that allows you to run the wire directly up to the battery there and the amount of...
  13. Horrible gas mileage jl

    @sherpa1 This really can't be stressed enough. The @JeepCares forum account is fantastic and their willingness to step in as an additional layer of support between you and your dealer that is refusing to repair your Jeep is invaluable. If you send them a private message, they will help you work...
  14. Georgia 2018 JL 2 Door Sport 9k miles 35s Lift Motobilt Extras

    I need the increased towing capacity otherwise I would consider selling my JLUS to buy yours. Everything you added/updated is exactly what I want my build to look like. And everything my wife has already shot down... lol. But honestly, that is a gorgeous Jeep
  15. Horrible gas mileage jl

    Send a private message to @JeepCares. They can help to setup continued service or work to escalate the issue and make sure you are being heard and that your needs are being met.
  16. New TSB JL 2018 2019: Vehicle wanders requires constant small steering corrections - New Track Bar

    Please let us know how it goes. Im working on getting this scheduled for my Jeep with Crown in Greensboro right now.
  17. Are sport shock the same as Sahara, 4 dr with hardtop

    Yes, those shocks should be the same length as your sahara shocks