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  1. JL corrosion

    Get those cheap super thin cutting boards, cqnd even color match and cut those to size
  2. Will a roof top tent fit on the short version of the Maximus 3 roof rack?

    You can mount the awning over the ladder with the arm mounts. I'm just worried about the tank being so wide
  3. Will a roof top tent fit on the short version of the Maximus 3 roof rack?

    How do you like the water tank on the ladder? I've considered it
  4. Bubble club! according to this looks like its 5yr/100k miles? not sure how credible this is
  5. Bubble club!

    As long as it's double bouble not hubba Bubba! And fortunately for me my dealership knew how to appropriately fix the problem and their work is warrantied for life lol
  6. Bubble club!

    "Lucky Bastard" club might not be so lucky actually. Due to the chemical base of the problem, almost everyone will encounter this issue at some point. The current "Lucky Bastards" will potentially be outside of the 5yr/60k mi warranty on the paint when the issue occurs, and knowing FCA they will...
  7. Bubble club!

    lol I put my vote in
  8. Bubble club!

    There are 2 threads on this topic with over 40 pages of posts. And I know a law firm is looking into class action lawsuits
  9. JL corrosion

    Correct, he just asked how to prep
  10. JL corrosion

    Just sand thoroughly and spray with a self etching primer. Make sure its self etching.
  11. JL corrosion

    or an extended coverage for the issue
  12. JL corrosion

    I have actually been working with a firm on a class action suit
  13. JL corrosion

    That is false
  14. JL corrosion

    My dealership did it on all 5 doors and the hood, even though only was showing on 3 doors, just need to find the right dealership
  15. JL corrosion

    It is not a water issue. It is a galvanic corrosion issue because the hinge and the door are dissimilar metals (aluminum and steel). Through a process called electron sharing. the proper fix is to isolate the 2 metal types through paint or another type of isolation. then the problem will stop
  16. JL corrosion

    also its covered under warranty
  17. JL corrosion

    look up the bubbling door paint thread. Every. single. jeep will have this issue.