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  1. Florida New Factor 55 flat splicer

    i am selling a brand new in box, never installed grey winch line Flat link splicer. asking $75 plus shipping thanks
  2. Fridge

    you actually cut the wire, got it. i am going to have to get a different guide then so i can get the cable through. thanks
  3. Fridge

    How Did you get the cable inside the guide? the guide I got from amazon is closed.
  4. Florida WTB Painted JL Rubicon Fenders

    looking for a set a of painted Granite gray Wrangler JL Rubicon fender flares anywhere in South FL
  5. Florida Jeep Wrangler JL Body Side Rock Rails Mopar Oem Guard Kit

    like new, never off-road not a single scratch Came off a 2019 Moab JLU with 10k miles Sorry will not ship, Local South Florida buyers only will fit any 2018 to 2021 Jeep Wrangler JLU asking $550 Jeep® Performance Parts Rock Rails are both functional and decorative and this design includes...
  6. Fridge

    thanks for the fast reply! I actually deleted my question lol. I did an amazon search and found it. thanks for the help man. I can’t wait to build my set up
  7. Fridge

    yes, good idea on the cable guide. awesome work.
  8. Fridge

    Awesome man, thanks a lot for sharing the pics. It’s a perfect fit IMO. Like the paint match drawer . I got the same tail gate table on the way. How do you like it?
  9. Fridge

    Did you ever get everything set up? Would you mind sharing some pics? Curious to see how it fits. Now i’m on the same boat. trying to decide between ARB Zero 47 and Dometic CFX3 45.
  10. Dealership replaced steering box with the old part under 08-074-20

    availability of the old part compared to the new one. They can move you in and out much faster by installing the old part (maybe even in stock) and hope the customer doesn’t notice? of course this is my speculation, i don’t have proof of this, but it’s the only logical explanation i can find...
  11. Dealership replaced steering box with the old part under 08-074-20

    they did the exact same thing to me, went to the dealer and installed the old part, sounds more like this process is on purpose to see what customer “falls” for it, hope this is not something advised by jeep directly.. dealer had the TSB with the correct part number stapled to my invoice, yet...